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So I need to learn Maya for some future projects. I've been a long time Max user and its all I really know besides Zbrush and some other random stuff. Whats the biggest thing I should be aware of while working in Maya as opposed to Max? Or whats some of the struggles you guys have faced when switching?
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Someone tell me how to make this a circle please
get your own thread nerd...
>close maya
>install blender
just get a sort circle plugin there are literally hundreds
- Set up autosaves in case you're not used to saving on iterations, because Maya is just about as buggy as a modelling software gets.

- Make a shortcut on your shelf for deleting the non-deformer history of all of your scene's objects, or else Maya will grind to a halt after about half an hour of modelling.

- Go into your viewport settings and enable SSAO and anti-aliasing so the edges don't scrape off your eyeballs.

Everything else is all about being on the right shelf and module at the right time (I.T.T don't use the Animation shelf while you're working on a mesh). Good luck anon, I've been using it in my university for a couple of years now so I'm a bit of a fanboy, feel free to ask questions.
Maya generally adds a shitload of new features from release to release compared to Max. That is a mixed blessing because it means every new release is buggy and crashy as fuck. 2017 Update 3 is pretty good now. 2016.5 is pretty good. Do not plan on switching to Maya 2018 right when it comes out. Instead you should wait 3-6 months for the updates and patches make it usable and you don't lose your work again and again.

Beware of the undo key while in parallel or DG evaluation mode.

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