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File: f0e995c58a60b620.jpg (30 KB, 586x997)
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when using pose mode in blender, I can't move my bones.
Pic related is what I get, it just shows me an axis and I can't do shit? I'm obviously a noob so I guess I must've changed some option and now I don't know what do to.
did you click this by accident?
it didn't change anything. still the same thing.
also in pose mode I can move come bones fine (like the hip bone, and the leg bones), but for example all the arm bones wont move at all.
might it be something to do with the way how I connected them to the torso bones?
File: 74827fc.jpg (8 KB, 321x328)
8 KB
forgot pic,
also I can only move the top arm along the axis, I can't, let's say, rotate it or anything
did you press on any of these little locks?
everything looks fine.
It must be something in the way I parented the bones, cause the neck/head bones have the same problem, while the leg ones are fine, because they're parented to a different spine bone.
maybe ctrl+c everything in your scene and ctrl+v to a new blender scene.

if not its just your parenting
that seems to have fixed it, I only lost the textures on the model, but that's easy to fix back.

thanks man, really appreciate it.

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