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Should I learn 3ds max or Blender to start learning how to model?
hard to say.
3ds is better for job prospects
blender is lightweight and won't bother you with license issues
Depends. If you are totally newb, then I'd say go with blender. Its easier to get with 3ds being so expensive, and there are just as many free tutorials to get you rolling.

That being said, I'm a 3ds to the end. I've been using it forever, so i am familiar with it. Also, coming from a CAD and engineering background, 3ds feels more like an artistic version of CAD, which i like.

It also depend on your plans. If you are looking more into modeling mechanical things, the 3ds toolset might feel more intuitive. If you are going more for organics or variable scenes, you may like something like maya or blender better. Or for strictly detailed characters you may like zbrush.

The bottom line is that they all do the same thing and can achieve very comparable results. You pick one based on which type of toolset fits your creative approach. I went with the full Autodesk suite because of familiarity, it contains a slew of progs from straight cad to mudbox sculpting and everything in between. Plus it helps if you don't have any software usage ethics...
Jesus, does no one even read the fucking sticky anymore?
I was learning Blender for past 3 or 4 years and now im starting to lean 3ds max cuz from what I can see in game industry in requirements its almost always max, maya and ofc zbrush. But i dont regret this time spent in Blender, its important to understand how things work in 3d and not learning software
Want to work in the future or you are just a hobbyist ? If you are a hobbyist go blender, there's lots of tutorials, if no try max student version is a 3 years license
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Wow what and original and thaught provoking question you would think someone else has asked this before considering this board is dedicated to 3D related discussions.

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