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CATIA V5 question:

I want evenly spaced points on a surface (not perfectly distributed).
The surface is a curved cylinder, similar to a toroid (pictured).

How do I do it?

My current approac:
1) Generate an even cloud of points that surrounds the entire shape.
2) Filter the points closest to the surface by offsetting it and trimming.
3) Project the remaining points on the surface.

I can do the filtering but when I try to project the points they are projected twice (since my surface is cylindrical), one on the close side and one on the far side.

So, any ideas on how to achieve this in CATIA?
>find distance between each original point and each of the two projected points
>choose points with lowest distance

I don't know that much about CATIA but you can write scripts for it, this shouldn't be too difficult.
There is a near/far function, but applied to the point cloud it would give me just the one point closest to the surface.
so you set up your script to run it in each point in the cloud seperate

>start loop
>project point
>measure distance between original and projected
>choose nearest
>repeat loop for every point in cloud
Sounds simple, but I can't seem to get going.
My point cloud is a single object, and I'm not sure how to iterate over it.
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is there an option to explode the point cloud into its component points?
You might want to post on the Catia forums for more help. I don't think there are too many users here.

Unless you're invested in CATIA, it may be easier using other software. I know doing this in Rhino is trivial.
Also im surprised that this is

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