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File: donut.png (108 KB, 763x430)
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I've been fucking around in Blender for a while now, but I'm only just now trying to learn how to actually use the program. I'm learning the basics, but this is my first project; just a little something that took me about 45 min.
File: donut2.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1080)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
>>554758 (Cont.)

Brighter color, to show off the ridging and small amount of detail I put in.
Conscious learning will get you very far, be proud of what you've managed and then keep going
Well, I plan to be an 3D Graphic Designer/Animator as my career choice, so I first need to acknowledge what I need to fix and do so.
I love making art out of just things that pop up in my head. Learning how to use 3D Design programs will be helpful for not only my career, but make it easier to make what I want.
Here are some things you need to look into if you want to make 3D stuff for graphics:

Composition, lighting, unwrapping, painting textures, hard/soft body physics, fluid Sims, sculpting, modeling in general.

forget poly count it has no effect on you, even tapoligy can take a back seat (as long as you don't get pinching).
File: thronkung.png (4 KB, 34x31)
4 KB
I sort of figured that going for poly wouldn't matter that much considering that lighting and palette can make poly less noticeable.
However, I have been focusing on getting everything down when it comes to poly, because it seems important for shaping.
I'm going to focus on texturing second, and lighting third.

Composition has always been something that I'm decent at, so I can't imagine having problems with it

Did you follow this tutorial?


Incidentally this series is pretty good as starting shit goes. If you do produce something from a tutorial and then upload it somewhere, please credit the tutorial (otherwise you'll get caught plagiarizing).

Also the "I'll just learn one aspect at a time" approach doesn't work, if you always have bad lighting, bad materials/textures, bad camera settings, bad color balance, bad composition then you'll always have bad renders

If you always have bad renders, you'll get discouraged when you try to show things off to friends and get little or no reaction

Also if your models are low poly then all their detail is going to come from the textures.
Additionally, because high poly things are expensive to render (they take longer), the standard workflow is to have a high poly and a low poly and to Bake (that essentially means render out textures that simulate dirt, or generate shadows based on the lighting in the scene at that moment, or simulate depth) the high poly details to the low poly.

TL;DR keep doing tutorials, don't be afraid to do big tutorials
That's actually the tutorial I'm going off of already lmao. I'm trying to go along and do one thing at a time in the sense of learning, not necessarily implementation. Thanks though.
Is the OP pic the final render? If it is lighting should be your priority and texturing your secondary. Additionally the render is has no consideration for composition at all, don't lie to yourself if this is the final render you need to research that stuff
That isn't the final render, it's about 1/2 done actually as of now.
i legit thought you rendered a piece of turd in blender by the thumbnail.
Are you rendering on a 386?
I'm saying that the project was half done, not the rendering.
Oh, lol. I'm dumb.
File: 1476437937468.png (288 KB, 542x639)
288 KB
288 KB PNG

He's following a rather long tutorial series, not that making a donut is hard but the video series tries to explain everything that's going on and why rather than just the usual "paint by numbers" 5 minute tutorial

At least it's not nezumi
I'm doing this one too. I'm exactly that far in. Gonna do part 5 tonight. Pretty good info, even if he does babble on from time to time.
Because of his babbling I always watch his tutorials at 2x speed. It works, but I'm so used to his voice being sped up that if I forget to change the speed he sounds retarded.
>still having to watch modelling and rendering tutorials

you 2 are not going to make it
what are you supposed to do in >current year?
Just imagine what the hell you want to do and try to make it real. That's how I do shit models for prototyping games anyway. Some of them stay till the release, cause they somehow fit in.

All the way since the dawn of man, people have been watching youtube videos to learn how to make fires, how to create spears, how to produce nukes... But ever since January 1st, 2017, it was decided by the supreme council of the united federation of humanity decided that "those who click play unto a video in the website whose url is regarded as "youtube" an absorb its contents are to be disregarded by our society, for only humans that have truly ascended upon a new plane of existence and need not see any youtube videos may now prosper."

Or maybe all of the above was bullshit, do whatever works for you as long as you keep on learning, kys and die nigger faggot.
>what are you supposed to do in >current year?

Not get baited by retards like >>555163

Youtube videos are a godsend, and not just for 3d.

>don't know shit about servicing a lawn sprinkler system
>five videos later, I'm ready to open my own sprinkler repair service
ignore this idiot. If you are seriously STILL watching modelling videos you dont have the IQ for this, literally

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