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is 3D printing and VR are a meme? idk why everyone in the industry gets so worked up over these technologies.
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>is a hammer and camera are a meme? idk why everyone in the industry gets so worked up over these technologies
they're just tools fggt
They're both unproven gimmicks. VR has an edgy name "virtually in some new reality" but really its just putting your phone 2" away from your face like a retard. With 3d printing you'll never get anything useful like electronics, just useless plastic lego tier
> its just putting your phone 2" away from your face

not at all

>With 3d printing you'll never get anything useful like electronics

not true

>They're both unproven gimmicks

how are they "unproven"?
>not at all
you wut

>not true

>how are they "unproven"?
unproven to be actually useful
VR is in the process of proving itself useful for architecture, construction, marketing research and some kind of odd psycho-therapies. Maybe even gaming.

Go back to worrying which brand of processor plays gaems better, 3D printing isn't for you.
>Tapes phone to forehead

When will you ever learn? This shit is so dumb it hurts. You've fallen prey to the worst kind of marketing
Kill yourself and never come back
/3/ is too slow for your /v/ shitposting
Nice original meme
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>implying legos aren't god-tier
some things stop being cool when you get older you fucking manchild
>3D printing

Pretty fucking awesome actually. It's still comparatively young but its already proven itself to be pretty useful for mock-ups and design work.

Besides, it's cool as fuck getting to hold a model you've made in Maya in your hand.


I'm still on the fence about this one. As of right now it's pretty limited as a medium but there is potential if the fates are with it. The good stuff is really expensive and the shit you use on your phone is meh.

The reason why people get so damn worked up over these things in the industry is the "imagine what we could with this" feeling. Both of the things you mentioned are chock a block with potential.
With new technology there's fundamentally two people.

There's people that see it for what it is, a gimmick with no current function, and people that jump on the bandwagon and think it's the best thing ever and immediately buy it.

I think it's funny that it's the people stupid enough to buy barely functional pieces of shit that drive the development of the technology to the point where it actually is functional and worth buying.
>Pretty fucking awesome actually. It's still comparatively young but its already proven itself to be pretty useful for mock-ups and design work.

It's actually a late stage technology. FDM hit its peak in the 90s and consumer machines are every bit as accurate as industrial machines because the plastic extrusions introduces worse tolerances to the print than the motion system does, so even chinese garbage hardware can produce good results.

The only technology that's actually moving forward in a meaningful way is SLA with the Carbon M1, but it sacrifices resolution for more durable materials and faster print speeds, compared to older conventional SLA printers. Consumer machines have yet to catch up at all to industrial counterparts. Formlabs's materials are a joke compared to actual industrial materials.

Colored SLS printing is neat but various forms have been around before and the quality still isn't great. Better to just have an artist paint your think if you intend to show it off as a show.

Honestly, it may very well have a bright future ahead of it, but we won't see it for decades or centuries because of patents locking everything down.
There's also people who are so limited in their views that they fail to see a technologies applications outside their own limited spectrum of 'expertise'.

3D printing and VR are not primarily mediums of art, but of industry and design. By design I mean productive design, not 'design' of waifu figurines.

It is beyond me how one can claim that a technology which is around since the 70s and is successfuly and profitably used in an ever increasing number of industries and applications is a gimmick. Saving more than 50% of the material used to create something compared with traditional methods is not a fucking gimmick.

As to VR, it is very new but already there are applications for education and medical use, and the medium has great potential for design and visualisation. It's not a gimmick if it's making you more productive and literally saving time and money.
I'm not impressed by vr. It's a screen in front of your eyes. That's it.
A screen with motion tracking of your head and hands. Have you ever tried it? The sensation of 'being there' is very real.

Never tried the smartphone stuff tho, but rift and vive are great, especially their art apps
Going to school for industrial design, can confirm. 3D printing has saved me a ton of headache and time on projects for class, you just have to learn each specific printer to get good results.

Sure, it gets expensive, but when you're talking mechanical prototypes, parts for construction toy concepts, and faux-injection-molded parts it's about on par with making the pieces by hand, often cheaper and always faster.
To be somewhere you have to be able to move your entire body through space for extended distances, smell stuff, feel temperature changes, feel different things that you touch (not plastic controller).

Taping a phone to your head and calling yourself transported is sheer salesmanship. Also not new. I used "it" on an omni treadmill in the 90s.
So your problem is the name of it after all? and why are you bringing up phone... it's shit no one will deny it , vive and oculus are awesome though.. they are still very pricey IMHO, they'll became wayy more massive when they'll get cheaper
I've made a metric fuckton of useful stuff modeling and 3d printing. Even started selling some of it for a solid profit.

But making low quality figurines is a meme.
Vive and oculus are shit too. Awful, nauseating "teleporting" junk.
>look at me I'm poor
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