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Hey guys just a friendly PSA here. There's an anonymous user who frequently posts in threads where people need help asking to email him. His email is anthonyjumpman@gmail.com. I'm here to tell you DO NOT EMAIL HIM.

I had a thread back in September requesting help to model something I've wanted for awhile. I emailed him in the hopes he could do it, and paid him in game codes using a money fund I set aside specifically for this project (3D modelling is expensive). Now he's strung me along since and failed to deliver the model.

And after a bit of...shall we say...:research into him I get the idea he's not the most savoury character. This is a hard earned lesson on my part, but I felt it necessary to warn you guys so nobody else falls into his trap. If anyone knows anything about him please let me know.

On a separate side note, if anyone actually wants to really help me with this model project, I'd greatly appreciate it. I unfortunately cannot offer compensation because he took all of it, but it would be very much appreciated!
4chan really isn't the place for this kind of stuff. There's no insurance on good conduct or safeguards against theft and fraud.
You're better off finding people irl at game dev conventions.
you paid in game codes, what did you expect?
I understand. Like I said, just warning people because he posts on many different sub boards of 4chan about various things. He's a scammer. I wish there was something I could do but it's too late
Thanks, I realized my mistake. At the time I was desperate and I thought people would have a shred of decency
thx for the warning, but it's pretty much common sense to not do financial dealings with anonymous strangers, and don't trust anyone who could fuck you over monetarily with no repercussions.

Especially on 4chan. The like 20 people that browse /3/ are usually ok dudes, but I still wouldn't take the risk with anyone here over something monetary, just out of principle.
I mean people should know thathat by now. The Internet is full of scammers and you shouldn't trust any stranger from the net. This is why there are so many programs and organizations telling you to keep your info private and to not trust anyone with an approved insignia or means of distinguishing the owner of a service from fakes.

This luxury isn't provided with anonymous contact. And when it comes to files it's only a matter of time until someone gives you a wirus.
I know, I thought about it later. I really messed up. But I was desperate to get this done and didn't have the cash to pay a true professional
What kind of modeling help are you looking for?
I'm looking for someone to recreate/replicate a hockey player 3D model that I found online but can't get the original file.
Can you post some images of it?
File: IMG_4054.jpg (88 KB, 1917x1078)
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You can see it all here:

File: 1350361548938.png (93 KB, 240x350)
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>Trusting people from 4chan

Do you not remember lostboy.exe?

I'm not familiar with what that is my friend
>Someone on /v/ or /g/ (I can't remember) posts mediafire link to game he made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrtehmzSTbE
>It was a legit game and some people played it
>Some time later someone reposts the link that was supposed to have the Lostboy.exe file
>But really the second one was not the game, but a RAT file that infected anyone's computer who ran it
>RAT file anon posts pictures of people he captured from their webcam and posts them on 4chan and generally screwing with the people he infected. Not sure if he did any real malicious stuff.
>Panic ensues on /v/ and /g/

That's about it.
>I thought people would have a shred of decency

no such thing

I'm going to guess it's too complex and a lot of work for you to be able to help?
its your fault for getting scammed
you wanted to go cheap and paid the price

Yeah well when you're a student working two jobs and trying to pay bills, you gotta cut some things
Actually he's probably reading this thread right now
nigga you payed in _game credits_

That indeed I did my fellow nigga
yeah, you won't get something like this for free.
this, desu.
You may be able to get someone starting out who just wants to practice to do it for free, but chances are it's going to look like shit.

You're gonna get what you pay for
How long do you think the job would take? I can probably save up a decent amount by the time it's finished

Jokes on you buddy. I have some contacts, and I've pulled a few strings for a favour. Let's just say, I hope you like Italians. You'll be getting a visit from a few of my friends

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