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File: file.png (36 KB, 384x587)
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After I texture it I'll make 2 LOD's for it.
Thoughts, comments, bodily fluids?
What's with the weird bevels? Seems like there's bevels everywhere except in the most important part (the largest edges of the main body)

Also if for a game your cylinders don't need to be perfectly capped like that.
Why would this ever need 2 LoDs? Why is it like 10x the size of your grid? Why haven't you got viewport AA enabled? Why would you think This post deserves its own thread when we have a WIP thread?

Currently it looks like shit. You haven't posted anything worth critiquing. Come back when it's textured and lit properly.
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Woah dude, ok. In order:
>It's going to the end of a long hallway.
>It's so large because by default a cube is one cubic centimeter and this Grandfather clock is over 7 feet tall. pic related.
>I didn't capture my whole screen.
>I Iooked at the catalog and saw threads shitting on the all the different software and requesting fully rigged porn models.

I wanted thoughts on the model it's self, texturing and lighting a model like this is like shading to cover up awkward perspective.
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349 KB JPG
I made a similar clock some time ago.


Seriously though, use the WIP thread; you'll get better feedback as more people (people who actually do 3d art) are looking at it.

This thread is going to end up on page 15, where you'll REALLY need those LOD models for anyone to see it

Also this seems half way between high poly and low poly?

Some areas have a lot of geometry that could get away with less (if you were to bake a normal map) for a game model, while other areas are really sparse
Fundamental model looks good, you just need to go the extra steps to "finish" it if you're going to show it off

Low resolution textures, stretching on the ends (I think?), poor lighting, seemingly no bump map, not sure if any AO, needs extra details / defects (but not TOO many, don't get fucking carried away), needs glass of course, labels / makers marks that are always inside or on these grandfather clocks.

Other props are fine though that top plate's outer rim is a bit too low poly (or maybe an odd number of sides?) but that's kind of a preference thing if it's meant to be a game asset

Also did the original clock ref not have rails in the back to match the front? I mean if that's a design feature on the original then it's fine, otherwise it looks like an oversight

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