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File: cup of coffee2.png (637 KB, 960x540)
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637 KB PNG
how does it look?
how do you want it to look?
do you think it looks good?
did you enjoy making this cup?

Like someone opened a glitter bomb. You would also cut urself drinking from this cuper.
It's absolutely amazeballs.

How did you, do it?
I think you have some internal faces on the handle where it connects to the body. To the right of the 3 buttons for selecting vertices, edges, and faces there's an icon representing a cube with bloated vertices. Click that to see inside the mesh. Set it to faces and check if there are faces between the handle and body, and if there are then select and delete them. This should allow the handle to better smooth into the body.
File: Conspiracy-Keanu.jpg (26 KB, 551x549)
26 KB
You're right there's 2 internal faces on the handle l put them there kind as a joke so that the coffee doesnt spill inside the handle

l'll this when l get home thanks
OP, why not use subdivision properly ?
looks like something i rendered on my Amiga in Sculpt3d 30 years ago.
In 2 minutes
>waste valuable thread space

lt's not valuable if there's a shitton of it. /3/ is dead as fuck
It's not too bad for a first try, but there are a lot of things holding it back from looking convincing, interesting, or impressive.

Lighting is probably the biggest factor. A single rectangular light source is unrealistic and boring. Your 3D scene should emulate a real life setting with real life lighting to match. Even if you want it to look like a "neutral" studio setting with "perfect" lighting, a single rectangle isn't what you need.

The background and table are the next biggest problems. An empty grey expanse like that isn't just boring, it's unrealistic. An orange table is a bit strange conceptually, but if that's really what you want you should still try to give it some sort of texture so it at least seems plausible. Make it look like some kind of laminate surface? I dunno.

Also, that cup model isn't very good. Handles are usually much flatter than that (look at references on Google Image Search), and the way it connects to the cup doesn't look right at all.

Keep working on it, and show us what you accomplish after working through some of these critiques.
File: 96nNylH.jpg (95 KB, 625x783)
95 KB

Your lightsource is showing (the bright ractangle) ... definitly not a good thing.

The handle has like others mentioned internal faces.

The top has some very sharp edges ... at least for a ceramic cup.

The material is quite glossy and a bit simplistic.

And finaly, if you want to continue working on this you will definitly need to rethink your presentation.

A fitting and believable scene surrounding your prop is half the battle and can make up for quite a few shortcomings.
>Your lightsource is showing (the bright ractangle) ... definitly not a good thing.

"do you wanna know..... How i got these scars??".....

What don't you understand about what he said?

Right now it looks like the cup is in a room being lit by a giant fluorescent lamp, and based on the fireflies (little white specs) I'm guessing you used an emission plane instead of an actual Lamp

Really you should use an HDRI if you can, especially with any sort of glossy, reflective, metallic materials and you should use a more complex lighting setup (start by learning the 3 point lighting system)
Yeah, despite all of the other flaws in the scene, I'd still say the boring shitty lighting is the weakest link. People don't seem to realize how important good lighting is.

Good lighting can make shitty models look pretty good. Bad lighting can make amazing models look like absolute shit.

Fiddling around endlessly with lighting like an autistic dumbass might be frustrating, but it pays dividends.
This. Post renders of KYs. Tubes, bottles, those little rip-open packets.

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