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I was modelling this for a mocap assignment and it was all going silky smooth since it's mostly cylinders - until I got to the hair.

It looks blocky and easy as shit and it probably is, but the artist drew the hair in two different ways in the front and side perspectives. What do you even do in a situation like this? I don't even know how to get started. I can get bodies done quick and faces done relatively smoothly but I always hang up on the hair.

Here's the reference picture:

just make it up, you're not going into hollywood
Make it 3 dimensional
Duplicate and resize the already made hair parts and put them in the areas you think fits best.
First, you shouldn't be using a deviantart guys drawings for your reference, everything on deviantart is objectively shit.
Secondly, here's an already made model:
Third, Megaman legends is objectively the best game
I actually found it on pinterest, though it redirects to deviantart so fair enough.

But I mean, you gotta use what people put out there if you're not an artist. Finding a character sheet with a decent front/side view is already a nightmare, unless I'm missing a place that's a repository for specifically this.
Check out the link I provided, screenshot this guys model from the from the front/side and use his wire frames if you need it.
Well, just to have some closure on the thread, I did what the kind anon told me and used that guy's model as reference. I kinda pulled it off, the pieces aren't connected on the top yet, the big "hairpiece" on the front doesn't mesh well with the shape of the head on the back, but this is probably the first time I managed to pull off hair that I'm somewhat satisfied with, and honestly this is already too much effort for an assignment like this, when the rest of the class is probably going to use Maya Character Creator to get this done and I'm one of the only ones putting in some effort.

Still feel kinda bad about using a done model as reference to get my own shit done, but I thought about it and it's really not that different from modelling from 2D reference.
The wireframes. The reference model looks smoothed and I wanted to keep mine relatively low-poly, so I did not do that, especially since I haven't modelled the hands yet and that might push the model north of 7000 faces. The face doesn't have the edge loops like that facial reference image floating around, maybe I'll try to fix it at some point.

Thanks again for the help.
This might just help you. Maybe.
stylised drawings don't translate perfectly to 3d who would have guessed.
Well, here it is, "textured" with some basic-ass colors and roughness/metallic info. It was fun, but the fun has to come to an end now. Substance doesn't seem to have any obvious way to re-import color maps back into a model after they've been exported and edited in a painter program, plus Substance itself seems to have terrible tools for painting. It has a plugin to export to Photoshop but I doubt that's the answer.

I'm not an artist anyway, I don't know where to put in detail so it already looks flat and terrible. Good foresight to pick a model that's mostly all basic shapes and colors, at least.

Thanks, man. It looks so easy that it kinda makes me wanna get into Blender just to export hairs like that.

It all comes down to how experienced you are, I guess.


This looks anime as fuck but the guy makes it look easy as shit to pull the 2D look in 3D. Every day I look at this guy's models in absolute jealousy.
Just wondering, how old are you my dude?
Looking great so far! I suggest adding a bit more to those hips so your normals aren't pinched like they are, and there probably shouldn't be that much shine on all the metal peices.
I did this back when Megaman Legends 3 was rolling on it's hype train.
File: newmegaman.jpg (149 KB, 1101x630)
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ref used

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