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why do sketches need to be black in solidworks?

I don't seem to have any issues executing features with partially blue ones
I guess nobody here uses solidworks
You mean fully defining your sketch? If you want a solid model to be manufactured into real life product, you have to provide a way to figure out the exact dimensions, whether by inputting them yourself or through geometric relationships. Otherwise, the person or computer making your product might and fuck up the result by trying to estimate the dimensions by eye.
when I draw something, I draw it then change the parameters on the spot

for example: if I need to draw a 4.5 Inch radius circle, I draw a circle roughly that size then i go in the sidebar and change the radius from 4.4607638 to 4.5 so things should be just fine anyway
Is it really that hard to click on Dimension button and write a number there?
If you only have one circle per sketch that is not a problem, but when you have more than 100 entities in a sketch, you have to define them. Otherwise when you want to change something or add a constraint it can throw off whole sketch. It may completely mess it up or it might change it just a little bit and you wouldn't notice.
Not to mention, that someone might accidentally turn on Instant3d and then you can ruin your sketch by accident even when you are not in the sketch.
Why is this even a problem?

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