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Why cant i animate a figure made from normal geometric shapes e.g. rectangles, squares. icospheres etc.

I'm a N00b using Blender and I joined all the shapes together and put the armatures in but I didn't use the metaballs I made a stick figure

Is it possible to do this and if not, please explain why not so I can grasp the concept of "why I shouldn't don't do that again"
at least in 3DS Max, you can assign separated objects as "childs" and "parents" (ie fingers would be children of the hand, hand a child of the arm...) assigning joint types between them. I believe similar thing should be possible in Blender too. Doubt you need any skeletons nor skin modifiers for such mechanical animation.

YT is your friend.
it is possible

parent every separate object to the single bone, you want to move it with. You can even parent single points to a bone and move it with the bone. What you cannot this way is to "paint" bone-influence for different bones.
Another way, combine your seperate objects into one object and parent this to the armature and do the setting (painting) of the influence for every wanted bone for the movement.

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