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File: Ribosome FACES.png (574 KB, 1088x814)
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Anyone know how to dramatically reduce the number of triangles in an .stl?

My model has over 6 million triangles, and its 978 MB .stl file.

So big that makes me 3D printer crash.

Next pic is a close up of how many triangles and suggestions maybe
File: tRIANGLES.png (116 KB, 1113x886)
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File: vdbMeshing.jpg (358 KB, 1920x1017)
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Right now it seems like you have a lot of polygons that aren't visible because they are intersecting, so that's a huge waste right there.

You could try a polygon reduction algorithm, I think all major 3d packages have them. Not sure how well that will work. The individual spheres don't look like they have a lot of detail, so you might be left with a jagged mess if you reduce the geometry too much. Might be enough though?

Personally I'd do this with Houdini. You can convert the whole mass of spheres into a volume representation and then convert it back to geometry with complete control over how many polys you end up with.
You could try detaching each geodesic sphere to its own mesh, then reduce the polycount on each individual mesh, or merge each individual mesh to a centre point and use those points to instance a less poly dense mesh.
If it were me, as pleb as it sounds, I'd boolean the whole lot and then use the optimise/prooptimise in max... Or the other way around to preserve the edges. Like the other anon said, you're wasting so much on intersecting geometry.
I was told polycount didn't affect 3d printing though?
It's affecting the slicing process. I printed a model of the mars with like 6m tris and it took over an hour to slice

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