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As someone who's almost made it, wats it like to "make it"?
Depends on your definiton of what it means to "make it".

But I'm gonna take a wild guess here and consider you meant working as a modelling/scultping/texturing/animation and whatnot artist that works for a game/film studio, it's no different than any other job. You go to work in the morning, you come back near evening. If you're passionate about your work, you may start to hate it because you'll have to follow the art director's instructions while working on whatever you're working on. You don't have the luxury of making something with your style and if the art director is not pleased with what you made, you may have to rebuild what you did from the scratch.
>t's no different than any other job.
the job i have now sucks fucking ass and is dangerous to boot, I make less than $12k a year
when i said it's not that different than other jobs, i meant you're eventually be bored of it since you're doing it so other people can get richer and you'll eventually grow to hate it.
Working on films as an animator.

When you make it the gig becomes old fast and you realise cg is just a fantasy when you were younger and end up clawing for a better salary day in day out. Becomes a typical office rat race. But obviously its still a lot more fun than most jobs out there
didn't "make it" yet. but i suspect that 3d in general is not a stable income regardless of your skill level
Not entirely true. A lot of people are on permanent contract, especially in games. And those with high skill are always in demand. Its the mid-low tier artists that kind of float around but even they have their place as productions ramp up and down and need to keep the costs managable.
theres noone in the industry who has "almost made it". stop posting threads and get back to learning and developing your skills
Like others have said, for many it turns into a case of the rat race. To truly "make it" you'd need to be successful as your own boss or working as a team and having major creative input as this would keep you happier, more creative, and loving what you do (not always).
Your work doesn't feel like work, basically you're just doing stuff you'd be doing anyway while getting paid to do it.
>always in demand
demand is completely arbitrary in 3d. especially in high level 3d. if you want consistent job go make illustrations for facebook games

>near evening

It hurts
right? This kid has no clue what the fuck he's talking about. This isn't some cushy 9-5 job where you get your evenings to yourself. He's right about the other stuff though, it's not your vision or style, you're on contract and they could give a fuck less about your feelings. You work on what they give you and if you can't perform to those standards, good-bye.
thats not how it works. Theres all sorts of politics involved. Top employees, directors that have produced sub par work over and over again still get work because of factors unknown to others. They could be more likable. Some people get chosen at random to do certain things. Theres more to it than you portray, dumbass.
whoosh. The topic was about having evenings to yourself
READ >>553042
thanks for proving my point :)
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exactly this


To be fair, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to "make it" and keep your lead or clients happy. You can expect constant redos, long hours, weeks of rush, and a lot of frustration. On the other hand, when things go well, positive feedback and good results will drive you to keep going and be better at what you do; it's quite rewarding/motivating. It's kind of a bipolar situation in which you're hopefully well paid. Like other people said, it's still a job, but probably a lot more fun and interesting than others. It's kind of a blessing to be paid to be creative instead of ending up in a mall or your local Subway.
lol there are tons of factors to get applied for work.
if you think your skill is the only thing that matters when applying for work you are delusional.

for example just this week i saw a a position filled and a girl was hired. her portoflio was shit minus. and she didn't even update it for almost a year, plus she didn't answer to any of the demand in job ad.
but those faggots kept a job ad for a few months just to hire someone who is severely under qualified with a pretty face
Been working for over 5 years now. Feels ok. Been modeling in games, animation, film and a cinematic.

Wasn't under any delusions, knew that turning a hobby into a career was a risky move. Turns out I constantly hear about my friends' jobs and thank the devil that I'm doing something I'm actually good at.

Also, I still enjoy creating models for my personal work. Which many companies care more about... given the rise of people just using footage from movies as their demo reel.
>I'm doing something I'm actually good at

Is choosing a job you're good at better than choosing a job you love?
Hearing you guys always talk about money makes me wonder if I should jut stay in my stem studies and not switch to art. (Want to do concept art / storyboarding)

Is money ($) really that big of a deal?
you need a little bit of everything including connections good porfolio and using the right software. and even with a kickass portfolio its still a gamble
work an industry that have shortage in labor, not this one
File: 1231050829242.png (142 KB, 250x302)
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3 years ago I dropped out of school and got a job as a 3D character artist at a big game studio everyone knows. I made 75k last year. I never have to work overtime. Work is quite easy and relaxed. I was happy for the first 2 years but now it's just a job. I don't do 3D art in my spare time anymore. If you're like me, once you "make it" that becomes the new normal and your goal post for success just moves further out.
Which game studio pays 75k/yr with no overtime? I want to work there.
>I made 75k last year
> wake up to my 11/10 girlfriend blowing me
> she cooks me hummingbird eggs imported from the amazon
>get in Ferrari and drive to Pixar
> lightly flirt with the receptionist when i walk in
>get into my corner office, assistant has made me coffee
>tell her to cancel all my meetings, today im going to be working in Elastigirl's cervical dynamics for Incredibles 2.
>Fire up my workstation and place my custom VR headset on
>low rumble can be felt through the building as mexican urchins shovel coal into the furnaces in the basement.
> Open up the custom version of Maya and get to work
>occasionally flip over to Matlab to make sure im accounting for quantum tunneling effects
> assistant comes in to bring me my 11 o'clock coffee
>fuck her up against the window as a drink my coffee
>as my 11 inch penis pounds her cervix, i have a flash of inspiration on how to deal with elastigirls
>move her over to my desk and put my headset back on, continuing to fuck her as i work
> as soon as i get it to work, i empty my balls deep into my assistant.
> The force of my ejaculation rockets me back into the window, knocking me out
>wake up groggily 5 minutes later, concerned colleagues standing over me
>i must have concussion, i can't remember what it was i had done to solve the elastigirl problem
>oh well, its there on my workstation
>look over at screen
>Maya.exe has crashed
>commit suddoku
File: sudoku300.jpg (22 KB, 300x300)
22 KB
you committed to playing a numbers game?
I need advice...somewhat unrelated.
I've been working as a concept artist professionally in a studio for past six months or so, and fatigue is getting to me.
I've completely lost any semblance of free time for practice/personal projects, the only way I see myself doing personal shit is if I turn into a literal robot and don't even use whatever two hours I've left in the day unoccupied.

On top of that if I stay late at least once I am completely fucked for a week because of fatigue.

Is there something that I am missing? Am I managing my life like shit? I sort of feel like I know the solution, if I go to sleep as soon as I get back from work on friday and stop playing vidya on weekends to get my mind off of work and instead go out/train/some healthy shit so that my mind is not thinking about vidya AND THEN practice art it will probably work...but I also need to fucking play vidya because that's the industry I am working in and my lead sometimes tells me to play this game or that game. Should I just sample games like some faggot purely for art and then drop them even if I get into the game?

Do people in the vidya industry not play videogames?
>but I also need to fucking play vidya because that's the industry I am working in and my lead sometimes tells me to play this game or that game.

>Should I just sample games like some faggo

>Do people in the vidya industry not play videogames?
you should be going out getting pussy or joining a band instead of being some video game playing loser which you sound like.
But I am working in a vidya industry, that's the point, I am a video game playing loser that decided to train his art and get a job in said field.
it doesnt work like that. I also work in games. You sound like you have a lonely sad life and are in denial, blaming your job for your life being shit
>tfw have no clue if/when im gunna make it

dont wanna get a real job just working on my art atm but fuck man i have no clue!
we all gonn make it
but you don't work in the industry, so who is the loser here
wut m8
What is your actual schedule like? I'm an art director and I have to schedule all my free time. In cruch I'm 10-12 hours a day, 6 days, sometimes a few on Sunday. Diet and exercise are super important. I don't eat out because I will feel like shit if I do. I pre-make meals and freeze em. (ask /fit/ about this). I hit the gym at work in the morning for an hour in the morning and that sets the pace for the day. I have a standing desk which helps keep energy up. I make sure and get at least 8 hours sleep. It takes iron fucking will, but it's about the only way I don't burn out. Fortunately where I work crunch is not nightmareish, it is usually only a few months at most and I can get a couple week's vaycay in after a project. Make a schedule and try to stick to it!
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