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My Lulzbot Mini should be delivered to my house within the hour!

Does anyone have any experience using Cura? debating if i'll use it or a different slicing software

Also dubs decides my first print

Your first print shall be a dildo, you fag.
Why don't you 3d print an Ultimaker and then return that piece of shit OP?
Reroll, you gonna print that dildo boy, it's /3/, prolly the only one posting is me.
Just a stupid question on the way: Can I make a post about a cnc mill on /3/ or /diy/, if it's regarding about mapping 3D to gcode?
>Printing worst duk
pathetic. Should have printed the memorizeable duc.
Or was it th ememorizeable ? I dont remember
File: DUKB.jpg (173 KB, 1000x1000)
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It is indeed the memorable one
And also the worst one.

You can talk about 3d printing, who fucking cares, as long as you aren't shitposting or making tons of threads
Check the 3D Printing General thread in /diy/ as you're going to get actual answers instead of people trying to be funny.

As for slicers - i use Slic3r and Cura, both work fine. I like the way Cura does supports, but slic3r has way more options. They say Simplify3d is really good but it's paid and proprietary so i haven't tried it.
Holy shit this thread is cancerous. Enjoy your buy OP, you'll most likely love it. I have a tevo tarantula myself, and it's pretty great. Cure is great, it's a good slicer and its free. I've heard S3D is the better choice, but it's 150$ so I just use cura
>They say Simplify3d is really good
It's not. I got it and still end up using slic3r most of the time
nanananananananananananana PEEEEENIIIISSS!!!
For some reason I can't get Slic3r to print as well as Cura does. What weird sort of magic it does I don't know as it's just a slicer after all. Maybe I fucked up something in the settings. Any tips?

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