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new blender guru video, this time about dynamic range, enjoy.
I didn't know that he had posted, thanks for sharing.
Stop shilling, Andrew.
>Set display to none and gamma to 2.2
>Save as OpenEXR
>Bring into program like LuminanceHDR or similar
>Tone map to your liking
>he's giving lectures at GDC now
>at the end of one he posts his work
>its shit
>Game dev
Who's of thunk it?

Teaching is its own skill.
>andrew price
>have people that makes the examples for him

he is a good motivational speaker tho

Thank you for posting this, this is pretty eye-opening.
Dpd ypu REALLY think I havent watched this before ??
would you please stop with that old meme.
Nobody uses Lux.
Also Lux has the same BULLSHIT film look curves.
The whole topic is a non-topic if you render deep and do your compositing in a proper compositing tool like Nuke.
So do renderers like vray, mentalray, and corona all only use srgb? Is Blenders filmic more accurate?
Tonemapping is a post processing effect for old monitors that dont into real HDR.
>Nobody uses Lux.
Which is a shame. But everyone likes to shill for Cycles.
>Also Lux has the same BULLSHIT film look curves.
But the big difference is that Lux has tone mapping options while Cycles doesn't.
Lux is way too complex, i am an artist not an physicist.
Cycles is meh.
I have a ton of renderers to choose from, why use a mediocre one?
>Too complex
Have you read the documentation? You don't need to be a physicist to use it.

Lux is slow, but not mediocre. I'm not saying it is the best but when it comes to an open source renderer it is definitely one of the top ones.
I am 10x more motivated to learn something obscure and esoteric like Clarisse, than another renderer which does nothing exceptional and i will most probably never use anyways.
That might be true for Clarisse as well, but at least i know why i would use it.
Never heard of that one. I'll look into it.
I'll give you are short rundown so you don't have to watch these terrible marketing videos.
Its a render engine which does 3 things, shading, lighting and rendering.
It is exceptionally good for huge scenes with Billions of polys, so its a perfect tool for enviroments, huge crowds and VFX destruction shots.
>its a render engine which does 3 things, shading, lighting and rendering.
Don't all render engines do that?

Anyways instead of paying a shit ton of money for a renderer why not just use renderman?
I don't have a shitton of money to spend on renderers, i am a pirate and i would use renderman if i think its the right tool for the job.
But currently i am learning Corona and i thinks its slightly faster and the denoiser works better.
I have some small projects i am working on and i have a vague idea what render to use for what circumstances.
I have learned Arnold, Cycles, a little-bit of Renderman and Clarisse, UE4 and now Corona, while avoiding V-ray like the plague.
File: dO67jUK.png (272 KB, 959x538)
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>i am a pirate

Yo ho fiddle-dee-dee
Remember when Andrew Price tried to learn drawing in six months, posted his results everywhere under the sun, and instead ended up tracing everything and finally getting called out for it?

Not even Pepperidge Farm will console you on this one.
File: 1352428922003.png (244 KB, 891x509)
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244 KB PNG
Holy shit that happened? that's some comedy gold right there.
whenever lux is better than cycles or not its still a shit render and barely an option above cycles.

people who actually do rendering for work use either vray or corona,
File: 1486783320988.jpg (5 KB, 200x175)
5 KB
>its still a shit render
Any facts to back that up?
besides aside from what you and i know which is probably isn't much. its not used very often. and exists as a free alternative for a while.

it might not mean alot because people aren't using renderman alot too. but it does mean that people are willing to go the extra mile to pirate vray or corona
For me it always was if I wanted to to realistic stills I'll use Luxrender but if I wanted to render an animation then I'll use renderman. But the point of saying to ditch Cycles and use Luxrender (or anything else really but Lux is as far as I know the best free alternative currently) is just to get away from Cycles because it is babby's first renderer. If Evermotion's nox renderer wasn't completely abandoned I'd probably be using that.
mate, renderman is just another raytracer now. Back in like 1995-2005 it was a scanline renderer, but now its transitioned to full raytracing. Its slow as fuck
>Back in like 1995-2005 it was a scanline renderer
Wasn't that REYES?

Anyways it is still faster than Lux, and more accurate than Cycles. I didn't say it was the best. However as a free alternative it is better of the two if you want to render an animation.
REYES is short for "render everything you ever saw" and it is part of the scanline legacy system. That has more in common with real time rendering

Nowadays PIXAR;s renderfarms are so huge they could achieve the same results with any other raytracer if they bought enough licenses
Isn't physically accuracy a trade-off for speed? Actually one thing I could never find a clear answer for is if PRman is a biased or unbiased renderer. and isn't the high resolutions they render at a big contributor or their render times?

I'm kind of half way in the dark about render times because I've never used something like Vray or the sorts.
hmm not sure if renderman is better than lux.
lux have more accurate materials than cycles and it handles noise better. but cycles in general have bad denoiser
If we are talking about speed it is.

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