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Why the heck does my model get royally fucked up when I try to do a boolean union of 2 stl's?

I am using MeshMixer, and I am going to guess that it happens because the right side (rectangle thing) doesnt have too many triangles, so when I try to make them a union, it refines it to the least amount of triangles needed.

PIC related... My shitty union... How can I fix?
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This is what I want though
File: 2.png (41 KB, 628x352)
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and this is the preview before I click accept... Which I guess i can work with, but it is not ideal.
Are the 2 pieces intersecting? Are the normals pointing in the right direction?
yes they are intersecting. Sorry, not sure what you mean by normals...
In 3D, every face / plane has a normal, a vector perpendicular to it. It is basically describing the direction the plane or face is facing.

If, for some reason, some normals are pointing in the wrong direction, it can fuck up boolean operations.
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thank u
Increase the mesh density to ridiculous levels on both pieces and do the boolean after that.
Just use blender's boolean modifier

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