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Hey /3/, i've been using after effects for a year now and basically learned a lot about motion graphics. (i already had some GD knowledge).

But now i feel like 2d is just not enough, i wanna learn how to model, no, i don't know how to draw but i really want to make animated 3d cool stuff.

I already have installed C4D R17, Maya and 3DS Max.

What software should i use?

What is a good tutorial for beginners?

>pic related: some random logo i made on Illustrator just to test on Cinema 4D
>bumping on /3/
stop that

Cinema 4D is good for motion graphics, but not much else.
3dsmax specializes in modeling.
Maya specializes in rigging/animation.

Take your pick. Neither is better than the other, since they were designed to do different things.
That isn't to say you couldn't animate in 3ds, model in maya, and rig in c4d, but it will take longer, and possibly turn out worse than if you just used the best program for the job.

With that said though, don't try to animate characters in C4D. It sucks.

Read the sticky

Well, let's say that my main focus now is C4D because i want to get better at motion graphics that involve 3D.

Where do i start? I look for many tutorials but i really want to know the basics and start doing some stuff like 3d animated logos or isometric stuff.
Greyscalegorilla is what you want. Bigass site full of free very well done C4D tutorials.

Past the basics, just start searching around the site. I'm sure you're capable of finding things on your own.

Thanks anon, of course i can do it on my own.

All i wanted was a good website focused on C4D

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