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File: Przechwytywanie.jpg (21 KB, 431x483)
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Im strugling to make this kind of lamp. I know that most of you will flame me for not having enough skills, but right now my weak mind cant come up with any solution.

Can you help me /3/? Im using 3ds max btw.


Pretty please.

I tryed Twisting, bending, XXX and all sort of ways nothing good came my way.
Just think how the topology could look like , then make the first part of the lamp thatyou can see and interpretate the other half of it that isnt visible, same for the other part
I really tryed my best efforts to do it, but I faild, this is somehow too complex for me.
I will really apriciate someone giving me more tips on this.
why not use curve path?
File: swirlman.jpg (210 KB, 900x600)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
This is what your lamp looks like from above/below.

As far as I can understand, you just need to create five identical pieces with up/down symmetry.

I havent seen this image, looks quite helpful desu.
File: mind fuck.jpg (92 KB, 549x562)
92 KB
Probably something like this. Just clone x5 and rotate around the middle point
File: lamp.jpg (21 KB, 640x480)
21 KB

Tried it myself out of curiosity. If I knew how to spline this would be easy.
So this... is the power... of /3/
aren't those 2 terminating edges 144 degrees apart?
Create those 2 edges, spline bridge them,group the result, instance duplicate the result 5 times and rotate at 72 degree increments. Then manually tweak the spline shape and start/end edges to the position you want.
I'll give this ago tomorrow when i'm not tired as fuck.
I've never made a lamp like that, but I would start by fist experimenting with deforming planes and twisting them around. Then depending on results either experiment more or utilize what you learned into making a lamp.
Assuming the lamp is symmetrical then it's just a matter of mirroring and adjustments.

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