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Is there a "VR compatible" application that one can use to organize files? Something simple, to cobble together pieces, and then you can import a document, make it look like a book, and put it on a virtual bookshelf.

I know there's some things which can put desktops or filesystems in VR, but I want a virtual plot of land I could customize and sort out for myself. Doesn't need to have decorative objects like figurines, even a basic system where a rectangular prism + color represents a book on a shelf, and I can walk up and left click on it to bring up the document internally or externally.

pic related, could look like shit
thats deep. I dont know of any yet but the basic vr windows thats pretty shitty and not fitting your request. but nice idea
what would be the point?
Microsoft Bob.
VR == Wii
i have the feeling you are rushing for the money.

iv seen lots of vr startups recently,and i assume the managers aren't really enthusiastic about the tech and just want to fill their pocket, it shows in their content
might want to check out BumpTop.
To virtually organize files. Have all your books in your library, and have things sorted by more than a fucking shitty directory listing.

>a fucking AR desktop
Why not have all of it be virtual, are people retarded

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