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Is there a reason why Asian countries like China have amazing 2D art, but absolutely shit 3D? I feel like I keep seeing absolutely kickass concepts/illustrations in Chinese games, yet literally all of their graphics are utter dogshit compared to anything that gets produced in the west.
Chinese people prefer playing on handhelds and Nintendo and therefore give less shit about graphics.
not true at all. china have amazing artists.

but the majority of the asian market is focused on consoles handhelds mobas and mmo's so the requirement for making AAA graphics is just not there.
I'm not just talking about platform limitations, but actual artistry (ignore the fact that the OP image is from a mobile game haha)
There's a lot of shit 3D in the west too, but when I compare with chinese games they tend to have substantially better 2D art (for the same quality of graphics), and big production chinese/jap/korean games seem to mostly have really mediocre graphics, regardless of platform.
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its a global trend.
the gaming industry is now steering towards smaller devices. VR and the likes are just low budget gimmicks etc. when you do AAA its either go big or go home, but the AAA industry is just not big enough to house all the great artists popping out every now and then
>not talking about platform limitations
>mentions platform limitations
>talking about why games have shit art
>the industry is not big enough to emply all the great artists
wut mate
none of it is shit art tho. i mean sure its shit its jaggy lowpoly stuff but its still made with care
Chinese are very very un-creative people, they are only interested in the fastest and easiest way to scam each other, which often means copying or out right stealing assets from other games.
yeah, that's not racist or anything
not racist if true :^)
from what I've seen china has a lot of good 3d artists

I don't think chinese game producers give a fuck about triple AAA games though only shitty CS and moba clones and mobile stuff
>3D modelling programs are made in English
>Very little Chinese documentations
>Aren't taught in school
>English Keywords

Few reasons I can think off.
>3d modelling programs are made in English
Well, how come Poland has so many game devs, then? Their national language isn't English, they somehow got around that. I'm sure that Chinese schools teach English way more than Eastern European do.
I dunno alot of chinese animation looks like shit.

>see the killing joke
don't think that statement is true, but making good 2d art requires just talented people, while making good 3d art also requires a ton of money.
> I'm sure that Chinese schools teach English way more than Eastern European do.
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Companies go to china and india when they want to pay 20$ a day to get their shit done. Those countries have great artists, but what comes out of there is always sub-par mainly because of time/budget restrictions.

Also, of course, like everywhere else, there are 500 shitty artists for 1 great one.
the answer is toy story. we have it, they don't. as a result we expect our 3d to look like 3d toys while they expect their 3d to look like 2d animations. the end result is their expectations hold back their media.
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Remember the last relevant Chinese 3D movie?

Me neither.

Monster hunt was a fun film
it's a cultural thing not a race thing.

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