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I'm building a 3D world in Cinem4D for later use as 2D backgrounds in an upcoming animated short.

No 3D animation will take place whatsoever with the scene.

Scenes will not be poly-intensive, but things will be heavily textured.

Am I using the right program?

Any tips? Pic related.
You may want to look into softimage, even if it isn't supported anymore, if only for the shaders.
I'm fairly certain studio ghibli used softimage for their backgrounds, as well as a bunch of other animu studios.
But C4D should be able to do basic pseudo 2D stuff I suppose if you're set on using that program.

The dude that made your picture used 3ds and photoshop, though, so I don't think the program matters all too much.
It's faster and usaly looks better to do unanimated 2d backgrounds as a drawing of some kind, your going to spend a lot of time making a single shot and may only use one angle of it. If you want 3D backgrounds throw some parallax in there, makes it worth it.

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