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I've been working on renders for a company and I'd like to get some feedback and thoughts on how I might improve.

This is made in Cinema 4d with Octane Render.

I realize it's under exposed and that the HDRI Lighting needs to be made a bit warmer.
This is a conceptual render for a technical part? I'm not trying to be rude when I say the people that look at this probably don't give a shit how real it looks, as long as they can see it in 3D they are happy.

This render is wasted potential for something better. As the render goes looks good, more orange couldn't hurt.
Exactly. My client want's it to look as real as possible so that rather than install the product, take the photos you need and hope you don't have to go back and reshoot, they have a rendered scene they can freely manipulate to give examples of installation.

You are right when you say most people won't care if it looks real or not but my client
Looks fine! I suggest you find a way to automate scene creation, modification, rendering, and post processing. - especially if you're visualizing multiple kits, identical camera angles and lighting will help. You can save a lot of time.
I'm not sure what stage this render is but use textures then, it will help brake up the whight. I'm think brick behind the bracket brushed aluminium/bronze for the bracket and small scratches on the plastic door frame.
Looks good actually.

Personal opinion here, I feel like you have too much of the right wall in the image. Perhaps offset the piece of change FoV.

I like though!

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