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poorfag here and wondering what would be the best program for somone who is just getting started with this shit
Blender, its free and reliable.
other than blender, autodesk's max and maya have free student versions available(you don't actually need to be a student). only catch with those is that you can't legally sell any of your work with those versions which shouldn't be a problem for a while anyways.
if you get a cgpeers account(registration is open on the 1st and 15th of each month) everything is free and they have a ton of tutorials as well as programs. my suggestion is to test out each piece of software, watch a few beginner tutorials for each, and just stick with which ever feels the best to you until you know exactly what you want to do and need from your software.
Blender and grab the Mastering Modeling in Blender workshop from CG Cookie. It's pretty popular so you can probably find it easily, and it isn't a slog. He speaks up so unlike many tutorials you won't fall asleep to some mumbling nerd's unintentional ASMR series. It doesn't cover the absolute basics like moving the camera and such, you'll need to look on YouTube for the really really entry level elements.
if you go with 3dsmax look up Arrimus3D's tutorials.
thank you guys
Modo indie is a good option as well
Don't use Blender. You could master it and only a small fraction of those skills will transfer to the software used in the industry.
>You could master it and only a small fraction of those skills will transfer to the software used in the industry.

That's a fucking lie. Assuming you're even actually a 3dfag and not a meme poster, go watch a complex Blender tutorial and you'll effortlessly be able to replicate what you see in your own software.

The same is true for watching people do things in Maya / Max once you git gud at Blender
lies! If that were true Blender would be Industry

So is the 3dstudio max educational version.
Not true. If you have skillz in Blender you will probably be 10% less efficient than someone who has similar skills with max/maya because of small limitations here and there. If you're on the internet not paying for it then that's not a high price to pay. But if you're getting paid $50 grand per year then squeezing an extra 10% efficiency from you is worth $5 grand, i.e. more than the price of a studio license. So studios will stick with Maya / Max for the added advantages.

Also the existing plugins and infrastructure are all built for Maya and Max. (Pixar uses its own proprietary software package though so obviously using the software with the most plugins available available is not the whole story.)

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