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What software did you start learning recently?
What do you plan on learning in the future?
Are you happy with the programs you know right now?
What did you always want to try but it just doesn't fit your line of work?

And most importantly, how the hell do you decide what program to learn when you don't exactly need it for work? There's so many of em...
Know how to use Blender

Learning Maya

Glad i know em

Wana try SFM shit

If it aint for work n shit i stick to something

thats free, supported, has active community and is overall good
I know Rhino and a bit of grasshopper. I would like to learn Houdini, but currently learning substance designer and then UE4 for work. I also downloaded Blender but only opened once, didn't have time to do anything. Same goes for 3dsmax.
Fusion 360 also looks pretty cool but so far I dont think any of these programs can beat rhino when it comes to creating Archviz geometry..
i started learning 3d coat for retopo.
also substance painter.
Started with learning Houdini and UE4 recently.
Plan to learn Maya, Mari and Nuke next.
I am an Cinema4d veteran, i know Photoshop, Blender, AE, Premiere, Quixel and Substance D&P. So far so good.
My Maya knowledge is limited, so i want to brush up on it( mostly rigging+animation ).

Clarisse and Katana are on the list of things i really want to play with, but makes no sense unless i have something epic to render.

I always search for workflows which i like and are highly effective. Like Substance Designer, i started with it, had no real knowledge of node based stuff. Learned it and now i am addicted to node based workflows.

>how the hell do you decide what program to learn when you don't exactly need it for work?
wrong mindset. I always learn what i find interesting, even if i don't need it at the time.

Like with C4d. I was totally comfy with it, but i felt i could learn more so i decided to start learning Linux last year.
There is no C4d and Photoshop on Linux so i learned Blender and Krita. Learning new stuff felt awesome so i didn't stop there and always pushed out of my comfort zone.
Houdini is so far outside of my zone that i fear learning it will take years, but idgaf, then it takes years. A trip of a thousand miles starts always with the first step.

I can't be creative the whole day, watching tutorials keeps me more entertained than watching stupid stuff on TV, so even if i don't do much, i always learn.
I am not a 3d artist, by trade or apprenticeship. I do poser porn.

My first poser was ages ago, when I was very young, and wanted to play with naked dolls because I'm a male. No knowledge of posing, no knowledge of textures or surfaces or even basic 3d space. Just sheer, gritty want, and some renders I'm honestly shameful (and genuinely made me enter the register for potential sex offenders in my country).

Then recently I had some free time, so I started poser again (Daz, tbqh), but this time I do well. I know shit likes surfaces, posing, shaders, lights, and a ton of important know-how to make great porn for my own usage. It's actually quite decent, though the render times are absolutely abominable. Channelling myself into my own produced porn actually helped me admirably, and I fap far less now that I did years ago.

Still learning, though.
I just finished writing my first raytacer.

I plan on learning more about raytracing.
>how the hell do you decide what program to learn when you don't exactly need it for work?

Well, if you have a shit computer you're probably going to want to use Blender

If you have a good computer, you're going to want to use the industry standards like Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Quixel, Photoshop, and so on.

>but I can't afford the industry stuff
This is the internet, you just steal it. If you end up working for a studio, you use their license; if you go into business for yourself (i.e. freelance), no one will know or care, if you become successful you pay for the licenses with crowd funding and write it off as a business expense
>What software did you start learning recently?
SD, got to learn it during work hours
>What do you plan on learning in the future?
maybe finally git gud at baking
>Are you happy with the programs you know right now?
They get the job done
>What did you always want to try but it just doesn't fit your line of work?
marvelous designer
If i weren't jobless bitch with grim future ahead i would learn maya and zbrush. But thought about money ending soon just make me whale in fear.
File: P1wZLTw.jpg (634 KB, 4096x1864)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
Took a 3D class in high school. It taught Lightwave and a little ZBrush. I'll probably learn Maya soon. Pic related. Made this my sophomore year in high school.
you should've at least added some blood and bullet holes
>whale in fear

Started Zbrush recently

I want to learn Subtance, Marvelous and Modo

All that I'm pretty knowledgeable on is Maya, and I am satisfied with Maya, it gets the job done for a lot of stuff.

Probably some 3d shit car makers use so that I can have a backup since those jobs are pretty easy to get.

I'm still a student, so I'm up for learning everything.
I started with C4d like year and a half ago, it gave me rough idea about 3d(I'm learning on my own BTW). then I switched to maya because I thought "that's what you need to do shit" at that time, because there was no one who would tell me what and why. I learned maya at some level, then I started Zvrush and Instantly fell in love, (I'm working as graphic designer/video editor/motion graphics/VJ fir many years +I have diploma of 10 year fine arts school, it was kinda of second school for me after school i was going in art school.)and all this knowledge/experience relly help me very much, so zbrush is kinda made for guys like me I think )), so I made some things in the past,
Now I'm doing commercial for marine agency of my country I'm doing 100% on my own from assets, to editing to compositing effects and all, even I hired artist for voice over. I'll finish it in a week I think, In summer I made 3d envoirment for other commercial also it was taken on green screen and I did background street
Still learning Blender (because of course)
Kind of, but I'd love to know more.
SFM, but it hates my computer.

Got me, I've only learned three, maybe four 3D programs tops.
I started 3d Modeling trying to learn Blender, then moved to zBrush and stayed with it. I love zBrush. After that I tried learning Blender once more but I just cannot stand it.

Currently learning Maya, then it's on to learning and integrating Substance Painter into my workflow.
Im doing the exact same thing. Only im just about to start learning Zbrush, got a giant tutorial off cubebrush to watch and practice with. Same with substance. I have decent blender, photoshop and unreal knowledge. Currently a NEETrepenuer
SFM Is by far the easiest thing i've ever animated in. I LOVE the time selection method of animating. It's so fast to make something that looks fairly decent. Infact i'd recommend it as someones first ever 3d animation tool because its so damn easy.

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