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>info on how to use transformation matrices in graphics APIs without any libraries is rare
>usually it's wrong
This may look like awoo
But it is actually a reee
graphics API is a library, right ?

you can multiply a matrix with another matrix or a vector(a point is also a vector) so just use multiplication and you are good
But it takes a complex composition of matrices to achieve the correct result, and a proper vertex shader to match.
transformations 101
if you want to make a composite transformation from multiplke matrices the order how you multiply can affect the final result,you need to do it backwards of what you want to achieve, when it comes to vertex shader, you probably need to transform from object space to world space than modify custom stuff,then transform to clip space and then it should be done
Why are you reciting transformations 101?
Snippets of basic information aren't useful in the slightest for trying to correct the mistakes in an almost-complete setup.
give a concrete problem and i will try to help, dont expect exact stuff without a proper question
I found this older thread I made which goes into more detail:
what the fuck are you talking about, every book on graphics has that.
Name one that I can possibly read online, which goes into full detail (all the information you need) rather than a brief overview.
That's because you're searching in programming or graphics stuff but it's basic linear algebra, which is why they don't bother explaining it.
Here you go anon, basic cg math guide

>Vulkan shouldn't be full of worst practices, yet
I got a feeling there is worst practices in there from bad ideas.
I.E True triple buffering setups apparently need to be hand coded, and isn't setup by default

Code examples might be okay, but there is still a lot of horrible practices that comes from "Lets do the old that 1:1"
this shit is riddled with typos
is it really a good learning source?

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