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File: gob2.png (341 KB, 856x753)
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341 KB PNG
First time sculpting ever, would like some feedback. This model looks wrong in some way but I can't pinpoint the problem other than the symmetry.

Was attempting a goblin from grimagr of fantasy, and used a previous model made by someone else as reference
File: gob1.png (514 KB, 899x415)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
Another image. Is meant to be a game asset eventually.

Also, what's the legality of using anime/other people's work as reference?
there is no 1 technique i could advise you to use. just keep sculpting.
or even better yet.
keep sculpting the same figure over and over and compare the first week figure to last's week.
also try to work with the lowpoly mesh much as possible. if its not the shape you want, simply don't subdivide it just keep working and working.
oh and you could possibly speed up your workflow by using things like snakehook,flatten,inflate etc. however you could do wonders with just the simple brush. its all up to you

Thanks. I don't really understand how the subdividing work when used with dynamesh. I thought dynamesh should auto add geometry if you raise the resolution, however I have to ctrl+d to subdivide to actually get the extra geometry and then raise dynamesh resolution.

Kinda confusing
File: ___3.png (555 KB, 1035x853)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
Also started work on this about 40 mins ago. Maybe I'll do what you said and recreate the goblin, maybe even time myself
you get the idea of dynamesh
its generally gives you a low resolution mesh so you can tweak easily.
subdividing is for detailing when u are done shaping
that's a really difficult shape in my opinion
can u try something more simple and straight forward?
>Also, what's the legality of using anime/other people's work as reference?
I don't see why that would be illegal. Everyone uses reference.
File: __2.png (304 KB, 610x563)
304 KB
304 KB PNG

Any suggestions?


Yeah but I suppose I'd have to tweak the original enough to not have people notice?

Also made quick helm just to see. Plan is to make a fantasy survival game, all the programming is done just need assets now
try something like this
File: ___4.png (498 KB, 1117x945)
498 KB
498 KB PNG

That actually looks tougher for me.. I'll give it a shot, refined this one a bit more but am getting bored of it
based off this guy?


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