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Does anyone use one of these for there 3d artwork and photoshop

If so would you be kind enough to share your profiles you use for programmes like ZBrush 3dsmax photoshop lightroom etc etc

Many Thanks
your an layzee phucc
not really I don't know all the shortcuts and things that would be best to have on shortcut keys which are why I'm asking to see others.

p.s you can't spell but I'm not making fun out of you or calling you shit am I.

I use a ps2 controller and autohotkey, p comfy wouldnt change my workflow.
File: Capture.jpg (49 KB, 661x495)
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This is my profile for PS but then again I'm more into raw painting than image retouching.
Cheers that's really good to know as I have to do painting for textures and things
I bought mine refurbished for a great deal
has 9 different macro profiles, I use it for PS,Zbrush, and Topogun. makes life a lot easier
if you have an established workflow, macro it up nigger
I got this G13 thing. It sucks, cause of its assembly quality and button size. Also used to conflict with steelseries mouse, basicly, disabling one. Maybe it is just a bad luck.


PROTIP: Dont waste money. You dont need this or any special fancy controller, mouse and so on.
Ih not had no trouble with my g13 just struggle to set up the profiles properly

Heh, just brought myself a Tartarus to help counter my carpel tunnel, never thought to use it for 3d - do you have any issues with that side clunky joystick?
I use mine for swift loops and things the stick doesn't get in my way
I use a $5 USB numberpad for zbrush because my keyboard is a giant pain in the ass to have on my desk at the same time as my tablet. I remapped it with HIDMacros
I should add that I'm left-handed. This setup would probably be awkward af for a rightie
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anyone here try pic related or other 3d mice?

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