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Why Wont solidworks fillet?
could be an issue with the edges next to the selected edge (filleting only that selected edge would cause a weird transition from that edge to the not filleted ones) or radius is too big or small
post the sldprt dumbass
Because you are using inches.
Otherwise, try to uncheck Tangent propagation.
>post the sldprt dumbass

I don't know why solidworks does not do that, but you would not want that anyway, as it will result in this kind of edge > from the top edge, not a pretty sight to slice or remove half of your thumb on that shit.
Anyway, remember when asking for info on CAD here to post dimensions or the part, you could've easily missed enough space for a 1/10 inch fillet.
ALSO, do not use fillet as a design preference, chamfers are ten times easier to manufacture in real life.

Fillet are used in cable ways and where there will be liquids and in castings(design preferences). If it's going to be manufactured from stock(milled) do a fucking chamfer.
Here's what would happen if SW did that fillet, a finger cutting device.
It wont fucking chamfer either

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