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File: rdb ma5c overlay parts.png (258 KB, 930x420)
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Hello /3dcg/, /k/ here asking for some help. I bought a kel tec RDB with the intention of taking an MA5C model from Halo and matching the bottom handguard to the handguard for the RDB and then 3D printing it at my school. I was using AC3D but my trial ran out before I could finish and now I'm trying to find a program that can handle the file. I had the handguard 3D scanned and then modeled around it so it has a fuck ton of edges and thus the file size is massive. I tried using CAD derivations but when I try to convert my .ac files to .stl it fucks up the model. Really any help with this is appreciated. I'll get a picture of the current model to post, but this is what I want the finished product to look like.
File: model.png (234 KB, 1910x1043)
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234 KB PNG
ayy lamo, reinstalling restarts the trail. So here is the current model. I'm basically trying to cover the top in the correct places with planes so it lines up with the receiver. Another problem I'm having though is basically adding material to the inside so it isn't a thin wall. I'm 100% new to this, so again, all help is appreciated
The verts all belong to the model I'm modeling around, the outer shell is what I'm actually working with, so it's not that bad. I really just need help on figuring out how to add a nice solid wall and fill it for the 3d printer.
Just make it a solid and boolean the handguard out.
Super new to this, how would I go about that and what does it do?
Idk about your specific software, but boolean operations are basically cutting or trimming a polysurface or mesh with another surface or mesh.
For example, if you have a sphere intersecting a cube you could boolean union them to turn them into one object, boolean difference one with the other (ie the cube would be cut by the sphere or vice versa) or boolean intersect them, leaving you only with the actually intersecting parts.
At least that's how it works in Rhino. Booleans can be pretty fucked tho and don't always work right, or at all.

For your specific task, I would probably start like you did and model the halo handguard as a solid around the real handguard and then try to cut out the shape of the real handguard using boolean operations. Then I'd split the Halo handguard up into parts that will be easier to print.
This is assuming you want to put the new handguard on top of the regular one. If not, couldn't you simply measure the barrel and model around that?
That 3D scan seems overkill if you don't want to actually keep the original handguard
I'm using to get the dimensions perfect, I'm going to delete the reference parts once I have the parts that need referencing modeled.
did you eat the brownies?
File: model.png (165 KB, 1904x1038)
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Wasn't there for that one :^)

Current iteration, version 1. Gonna get it printed within the next few days and see how it turns out.
File: Kel-Tec_RFB_IRL_Photo.jpg (159 KB, 1890x649)
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Gib files when done
I don't have an RDB yet but this is sex.

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