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File: Capture.png (196 KB, 800x796)
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any idea what to do with this 12 sided circle? unsure what to do with 7 sided ngons like this to make quads
File: 1486790089301.png (278 KB, 800x796)
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278 KB PNG
Next time
ah, haven't been around in a while, didn't know we had that kind of thread now
for now delete the quads around it and reset the topology, then make >>551087
If you dont plan on extruding the hole outward delete the verts and cap it

>Next time
On Dragon ball Z
Why would you need to make it 12 sides, anyway? If you're gona subdivide the mesh, 8 are generally enough. Also, subdivision will always result in an all quad mesh, even if the base mesh contains tris or n-gons.

Since you seem to be using Max: if youre gonna do >>551087 , make sure to place the additional edge loops using the flow connect tool to minimize pinching.

If you're nto gonna subdivide: forget all of this and just do >>551087.
Do you need the hole at all or are you trying to keep it? You can just merge the vertices and it'd be a continuation of the edge loops you have already.
>muh quads only autism
there's only one triangle, genius, and it isn't even because of the circle.

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