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Is Blender good to modeling/make games/animate?
- Blender is open source, and you can use it for free.
- I've been practicing low poly with it and is easy as hell.
- You can program in Python with it, and create games (I don't know if this language is great tho).
- You can also animate with it.
- I have it downloaded on Steam, so it updates automatically (I think this is important).
It feels like an all-in-one program, sounds great!
Do you have any ideas and/or comparisons?
Is it possible to just do everything with Blender? (and maybe Photoshop to create textures?)
I am just wondering if there is something more convenient and/or easier.
>Blender game engine
don't use that. for the love of god use something else.

choose what you like to use or works best for you. I use wings3d and metasequoia for modelling both high (15K+) and low (sub 1K) poly models.

you may be able to do simple textures in blender but photoshop and other apps can't be beat for quality textures.

The only things I feel Blender excels at are uv unwrapping and animating. These are just my personal opinions so take them with a grain of salt.

Except for the blender game engine. Seriously, use something else.
The more I learn about blender the more I understand that is truly a beast of a product for the low price of free.

It is the only thing I know in life that is free and genuinely good. The only thing that has stopped me from using it is pretty case specific stuff.

I switched over to maya because of their unwrapping tools, humanIk rigging and motion capture animation support, and also there morph target support is nice as well.. All things that will come in handy for game development.

However, you can handle any task needed when it comes to 3D in blender. Not to mention I probably put in 1000+ hours on blender between learning and making placeholder art for a current project, switching over to maya from blender to me, felt so counter-intuitive. Once you learn the hot keys in blender your workflow seems to move at blazing speeds. Now that I have spent some time in maya I am liking it though, but god damn box modeling in blender is fucking nice.

Also the dyntopo sculpting is top notch if you can learn how to tame that beast.
If you are going to continue in blender, especially for game development. I would just suggest to invest in the add on called "retopoflow". Absolute gem for retoplogy tasks. Once I had that I truly felt like I had everything in blender (until I watched the maya lt overview video).

Finally if you have never heard of it, cgcookie.com is a gold mine of tutorials, you have to pay but if you subscribe and start taking tutorials with them you will LOL at some of the shit they show you because it seems like common sense after they reveal a trick or technique to you. They make blender a lot less intimidating.

Good lucko bucko
Forgot to mention for textures I would highly recommend substance painter.


Pretty sick stuff, the first time I painted metal directly onto a surface I made, it made my nipples harder than that metal surface I just made.
Blender is a typical generalist, which means that it can do everything up to a good quality, but isn´t leading in any of those categories. It´s a good and free tool for 3D starters, but it´s not, I repeat, NOT used in the industry (I can´t stress this enough!).

I´d recommend working with 3dsMax or Maya under a student licence (which is basically the same as a normal licence). It´s practically free since Autodesk is pretty relaxed when it comes to fake-students, saying that "people can practice with it until they can afford it". In other words: as long as you´re not making a fortune with maya/3dsmax, you´re legally good to go. I personally use maya for modeling and 3dsmax for rigging/animation.

Python is a good language, but it´s rather used for scripting afaik. If you want to make games as a single person/in a small team, go for Unity and C#, you´ll love it.
>but it´s not, I repeat, NOT used in the industry
wrong. but you get the point across
Maya for modeling and Max for rigging/animation? I thought it was the other way around
Blender is, and always has been, the best free 3D modeling software. Modeling being the keyword. It's an alright renderer, but stay away from it for game creation. It's a tool to create 3D models more other game engines, and a fine one at that.
Blenderfags gonna suck as usual.
Povray is free too, doesn't mean it doesn't suck to work with.
Just leave us alone or use a real app like Houdini.
to all the people shitting on the game engine:
yeah its not unity or unreal but you can make sidescrollers and simple style games much easier, it got a logic bricks system that's easy to use and you can integrate python too.
it is, that guy has never worked in the industry.

Many games on steam have been made using blender.
>In other words: as long as you´re not making a fortune with maya/3dsmax, you´re legally good to go.
>you're legally good to go.
Legally you're fucked if anyone ever finds out you're making a profit using an educational license.
Please don't advise people to do things like this.
And don't assume any big company, especially Autodesk, is your friend, or would be on your side when it comes to legal matters like this. They are fully capable of legally ripping you a new asshole, even if only to set an example.

Are they likely to send a team of lawyers after you for making a small indie game with a student license?
Probably not.

Could they?
is there an example of autodesk fucking people over?
cease and desist orders are not uncommon
they have sent the swat team and kill my cousin manveer for pirating license
That isn't even remotely the point. The point isn't if they will, the point is that they can.
Telling someone "well legally you're fine lmao autodesk doesn't care xd" is terrible advice, because "legally" you are not fine.
You're just banking on the fact that Autodesk doesn't care enough to make an example of you.
It's not a guarantee that they will, but it's a guarantee that they *can*, and that's something that can't be debated.

Specifically, though, the biggest case I could find was Adobe suing Forever 21 for using a pirated version of Photoshop a few years ago. Apparently Autodesk was involved as well, but I can't find any details about their end of the lawsuit.
>it updates automatically (I think this is important).
damn youngsters
i work with the guy who does promo art for blender and he prefers blender.

So it's good.
Is there a difference between steam version and normal blender?
3rd party DRM.
I guess It doesn't actually uses the steam DRM though, so it's just basically an other way to download it. It's till fucking retarded regardless. The only reason is there is to inform the retards using steam it exists.
there's better options but can do the job
>make games
it can be integrated in lots of pipelines as modelling-texturing or animation tool, gameengine lol no
Yes, but have some paid addons that should be integrated blender like the muscle systems.
>Problem with blender:
blender developement is based in donations, the google sumer of code and the most imnportant what the blender fundation need for their current project wich is the most important to them.
A year ago they try to drop the fbx exporter, wich is a paid developement becuase they r not interested and don't need it, the same with the layers, they want them but without any standard 4 photoshop cause they don't need, ngons 8 years in developement because they think they don't need it, OpenSubdiv etc ...
all of the problems you listed have already been addressed :p
>have already been addressed
Somehow, but any futher developement is based only in what the BF need not in what the user base need, people doing games, compatibility with comercial software... they don't give a fuck about them they only care about their current project, fuck, they didn't even want to be on steam, and now they can pay with steam 2 developers with the donations of the store of dota and tf
And don't get me wrong, is a nice little 3d software, and could be great if weren't in the hands of these retards
i agree that they should focus on the basic tools and stop developing cycles and the crappy node system.
I agree cycles is a waste of time as well as the game engine but you need a node system to do proper animation.

Also unfortunately the open development model means people just work on whatever they feel like, there's not much top down direction.
is blender good for making lolis?
>the open development model means people just work on whatever they feel like
that isn't rigth, the development of blender is based on the needs of the blender fundation projects, they r doing now a long film and need more complex things 4 handle a long production. Isn't like u write code, send that to the bf and they integrate that, and you have always to adapt to "their" vision of blender, that why there's no left click select, no colored wireframe, no uniform menus and so on
well, there is a review system, but that is how every software project in existence works.

If you just add functionality or fix bugs, it is as easy as sending in the code and it'll get accepted and that's that. If your code meets basic quality standards, it'll pass no problem.

If you want to change something more fundamental with the user experience, then yeah, it's probably gonna be controversial and result in lots of discussion and possibly rejection of your code. The blender foundation adds a lot of features, but there are lots of devs working on blender who are outside of the BF, so the BF doesn't have ultimate control over development or anything. It's still pretty community-driven, I think.

things like how the basic UI works (no left click select etc) have been in blender for decades before the blender foundation even existed, btw. Blender used to be an in-house animation tool in the 90ies before it got open-sourced, that's when these decisions got made, mostly.

As for OP questions, as others have pointed out, blender game engine is pretty trash, for the rest of the things you wanna do, blender is good/suitable/passable. You just have to learn to use the basic UI, navigation & hotkeys, otherwise you'll always have grief. If you come from MODO there is a guy on vimeo who compares the two which might help, there are probably other tutorials out there for people coming from maya et al.
>all the comunity want colored wireframes
>a guy inside the BF make a patch with the colored wireframes
>BF > lol colored > not today lad
and that's how works
left click select has been requested since the 2.4 and we maybe get that in the 2.8 or no,
fixing the menus and had a clear interface shouldn't be that hard but who cares, is just free software
and I'm not saying to change the interface just put the interface in order, not all spread in 27 submenus in 30 different places
i think its pretty organized.
everything else that's being added goes into the specials menu (W)
the UI is fucked, i don't understand why they have normal smoothing objects in object data and some in the mesh menu and some in the left/right panel
modelling as example, before the ngons u can get all from the header menu, click the dropdown and there u have all, and also have a few in the t panel, and now not anymore, and they don't care, they just add a random shortcut alt+ctrl+k+j and there is the tool, wtf!
>and also have a few in the t panel
*but were in the header menu too
>BF doesn't have ultimate control over development or anything. It's still pretty community-driven, I think.

But that's just wrong. BF decides what makes it into the main branch. BF also literally pays / contracts developers using the annual donation money to have specific things worked on.

>fixing the menus and had a clear interface shouldn't be that hard

You don't know shit about programming.

And what the fuck is with this "no left click select" meme? You can change it in the god damned options menu, and in the future they're having that option enabled by default.

So many disinfo falseflag bullshit posts in this thread.
Coding is not the difficult part. It's the UI design work that's hard and the political capital necessary to get the community to accept changes to the UI.

I mean people complain about it but I don't think there's a solution that people will accept. "Straight up copy Maya's UI" would be great for a lot of new users but most existing users don't want that. So it's mostly political and figuring out how to make objective improvements.

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