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I'm trying to add cheapo jiggle physics to a character, avoiding a soft body sim because it's computationally expensive and doesn't allow for hair collision. I found https://youtu.be/yCnkrTTYtn4 and it works for my purposes, but I couldn't figure out how to constrain the outer box's movement to the bone movement of the character. I finally added it to the rig, and this works too, but the inner cube now only reacts to the original location of the outer cube, as if it weren't part of the rig. Is there a way to "bake" rigged movement to an object so that you can separate it from the rig and still have it move in the same way as when it was rigged (of course, without being able to change that movement)?
i don't understand what u are tring u do.
can u make a quick webm of whats wrong?
Sorry, I can't. I'll try to describe it more clearly. I have a character with a large belly that I want to jiggle when he moves. I have him rigged like a normal biped, with an extra bone controlling the belly. That bone is constrained by the movement of the inner box as in the video above. So when I move the outer box, the inner box bounces around, which drives the rotation of the belly bone, which makes it jiggle.

Instead of moving and animating the outee box manually, I want to have it move with the character's spine bone. So I added the outer box to the rig and assigned its vertices to the spine bone; so now, it mirrors that bone's movement.

However, the inner box does not react to the new movement of the rigged outer box. It reacts as if the outer box were still unrigged (as if there's an invisible copy).
ah man i don't know alot about rigging that's a shame.

try the blender stack exchange or blenderartists. both require registration i think

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