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File: wizkaa4chan.jpg (795 KB, 1920x1080)
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vray guys,
I start to making a 3d rendering, useing sketchup and vray, what programs do u use? what u think about my work? what i could do better?
I think that looks really really good. If it were me, I would make the panorama you used outside a bit more friendly to look at, I would make the wall on the left a touch less reflective and I would also but a bit of variation in the scene to make it look less sterile.

But none of those are objective improvements, I think it looks really good and definitely a professional standard.
thank you! thats mean a lot to me, because thats my like first render i really like

i use archicad, sketchup and then vray, learing vray like 2 weaks, i will post some other my work
add stock images of people in suits. adds more to it
replace that HDRI or touch it with photoshop. it looks like a picture from here.
the ceiling panels just look like crosshatches without purpose. i know u wanted to probably make tiled panel. those are usually dotted and also uses metallic materials.
the knobs on the desk are too basic

on the positive side:
the camera angel is good, good sense of scale and colors.
File: wizkaa2.jpg (767 KB, 1600x900)
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yeah, because that's a normal jpg in background, i dont know how to use photoshop, i know i have to learn
the knobs are too basic, i know, i want to change them but i was sitting on this so many hours that i was too tired, maybe i'll make few changes and do a new version of this one
thanks for this comment anon!
Overall look is ok, but there are a few things:

>glas wall
The glass wall in the middle doesn't seem to be attached to anything? Looks odd and not very realistic.

>desk on the left wall
Is the desk welded to the wall? Usually there is a small gap between furniture and wall, because most walls aren't actually perfectly straight.

Where are the lights? Ceilings like that usually have lights every few panels.

Did they put leftover phones from the 80s? Those look out of place next to the apple stuff.

The tv seems to be right in front of the glass wall. Why not put two, one for each side? How will people gather to watch 9/11 if there's a glass divider between them?

>jagged edges on the window frames
Turn up anti-aliasing or perspective correction (dunno if this is a thing in v-ray) or fillet the edges. Perspective correction would also help with the sides of the image looking really warped by making vertical elements stay vertical even in perspective views. Could also do this in Photoshop.

>make a mess
Did the cleaning lady perfectly align everything in her nightshift while talking to her sister in Poland on the phone? Probably not. Rotate and move things a bit that are in use often, like keyboards, mice and chairs.

Also, the room is very generic looking. That's not meant to be critic, it just seems to be a common theme in 'Archviz' to do awfully generic rooms that didn't need to be visualised in the first place. Its fine for learning a renderer tho.
thank you very much for this comment!

i know there is a few mistakes but it's like my first serious render and also my computer is shit.. 3gb ram, and this render took me like 10h so when i saw this too things it was too late for changes, but now i can make them and make a new render

yes I forgot about attaching this glass wall to something, i have to rapaire it

and i wanna make a few lights, lamps

two tv is a very good idea, thank u 4 that! and this gap between wall and desk

i will make changes and do a new render when i have a time, anyway thank u very much for this, i'm just learning so this is very usefull!
Less ambient occlusion. It shouldn't be necessary in a realistic render.
You're welcome.
It is a good start, keep it up and keep in mind the little details and you'll do fine.

Storytelling is very important for good architectural visualisation.
Pretty good anon.

Besides what >>551051 said, the drawers on your desk seem far too contiguous, I suggest either a simple low poly channel to define the drawers, or if extra geometry is an issue just use a simple line texture.

Also, it's hard to tell but it doesn't seem like the back of your monitors have a reflective map. They seem... too black.
File: 1486743817045.jpg (456 KB, 1920x1080)
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Meant to attach this.
File: stonedAF.gif (958 KB, 631x339)
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Also this comment was directed to OP, I'm just a fucking failure for the day.
needs more anatomy

a classic

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