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So, here is the thing. I need a machine that can handle animation, modeling, rendering, editing and post production AND i need it to be mobile.

I don't really care about the weight because the reason i need it to be mobile is not to take it on trips or whatever but because i just move a lot between cities and dissembling and reassembling it every few moths is a fucking pain. Need to travel light(er) so i am thinking an all in one or a laptop (now that they get full video cards) may be a choice.

Just a few years ago this would have been silly to even consider... I do have a budget between 2k and 3k because there are some extra fees on muy country for this kind of stuff.

I am thinking an I7 with a GTX 1070/1080 and 16 gb of ram would do the trick for now...

So, what do you guys think? can a mobile workstation be the main workstation? Any suggestions? thanks in advance.
you just need to make sure your graphics cards have cuda cores and enough memory. 16gb will do.

you will need an ssd too if ur sculpting or highpoly. and other than that get a cooling deck so ur computer won't slow down
oh i forgot to mention.. avoid under 700$ if its lenovo dell hp and google.

stick to msi,asus,gigabyte,intel etc in general
Go balls deep with msi

I´m using Arnold to render right now and as i understand it Arnold uses the CPU right now to render.

Still they said GPU rendering is on alpha right now so...
Didn´t know about the SSD though. No wonder Zbrush is giving me problems.


I was thinking on going with MSI. Any particular model you would recomend? Budget is about 2.5k which i think should be good enough.
>Arnold uses the CPU right now to render.
then get an intel cpu, quad core is preferred
>I was thinking on going with MSI. Any particular model you would recomend? Budget is about 2.5k

are you sure its 2k? then get the dominator pro
i have a few msi products and they are excellent.
the thing is with hp/lenovo is that they mass produce their laptops so they have great pricepoints.
you want something durable with build quality then swing between asus/msi, but if msi you want then msi it is
here is the video, enjoy

the vid is from 2015 but they updated all the specs to 2017.
in general the video explains features. the hardware has changed

Get 32 Mb. You have no idea how quickly 16 Gb RAM fills up.

I agree with that, I have an Apache pro, it has a great cooling system, and an amazing build quality. With MSI you pay even 100/200€ more but you get extreme quality hardware. Don't expect much portability since the battery life is close to none, just 2 hours max, so is just an ups.
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I have a Schenker/XMG with a 1070. It's pretty decent, I'm mostly modeling in Rhino.
Def get 32 GB of ram if your budget allows it, I've managed to run out of ram now a few times with large boolean operations.
I don't think a 1080 is necessary, I couldn't notice any difference between my laptop with the 1070 and my pc with the 1080.

What I can recommend is to build a custom case for it. I 3d printed some stands for the laptop that fit it's tiny feet perfectly and glued them into the case, then lined all the walls with foam and fit it so the laptop can't move when the case is closed. A bit heavy but you get used to it. Wouldn't take it on public transport tho because it looks like you're carrying either a million bucks or nuclear launch codes.
Anyway, the stands make it so there is always enough airflow and the laptop is high enough so that I can access all the ports without taking it out of the case. There's also enough space to transport a mouse and a small keyboard in there, and even an xbox controller or some documents.
The psu sits in the back of the case and the only thing I need to do is to grab the plug and put it in, psu, laptop and everything stays in the case always. So its very easy and quick to set up and access. It gets very annoying to constantly stuff your laptop and accessories into these mushy laptop bags, so I strongly recommend building a decent case.

Yes, i need it to last me at least 6 years... I'll check Asus too since i am not locked to MSI but based on my research it was the one i found more suitable.

If Asus equivalent to the Dominator is equally good and has better pricing i could go with that one as well but i wanted something in between a GTX 980 and a 1070 with a sixth or seventh intel i7.

Monitor size could be 15 instead of 17 and i could get 16GB of ram and maybe update that later on...


While it is a good idea to protect the machine like that i do agree that it would be conspicuous... and with a machine this pricey i wouldn't want that.
I would get at least a 10xx. 16 GB RAM should be plenty most of the time so rather save on that.

As for the case, yea it's obnoxious but it just works so well. I often need to fly too and it's a flight case so there's that. Just wanted to point out how convenient it is to not have to take anything out or stuff anything in.

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