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What software would you recommend for creating assets that are reusable and adaptable / scalable for different scenes?

I'm doing Archviz for a company building mostly large retail stores for the same brands and such the design is always more or less the same because the brands want their stores to be recognizable and to display their CI.
To put it simply, I have to model a lot of large, similar looking box like buildings that vary in size but not in design. So I figured I could save a lot of time if I had a base model of these stores that I could just fit to certain boundaries. But I'm not sure how to go about this.
I guess Grasshopper could work, I already set up a script for one recurring element. But I'm curious to see what you guys would recommend or if you have any advice or experience to share.
Good thread
I'm very intrigued by Houdini, thats why I chose that pic for the thread. My usual workflow is to import 2D plans into Rhino and model based on those, which is very accurate. Will Houdini be able to do that and handle large scenes?
File: 1485639150827.jpg (159 KB, 300x500)
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i am slightly dreading learning houdini's interface
do you know any really good blender addons, even paid ones which do procedurals?
Nope, don't know blender at all. All I know is rhino and some grasshopper
You can "learn" Houdini interface in one afternoon. Paradigm and particular nodes are other thing, but interface is really logical and simple.
you might look at Sverchok and Animation Nodes addons. But can't tell you much more since I never really put the time to learn them

There are paid procedural add-ons for Blender (can't recommend any though, don't have first hand experience), with clever use of vertex groups and modifiers you can get pretty close to non-destructive, and the node editor lets you do some clever stuff for procedural textures


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