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vote here

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I'm not in the discord too often. But I doubt trolls go there, it's probably just a meme posted here and there that you get triggered by.

No moderation, go back to rebbit/tumblr/babbywebsite of your choice.
well if you don't visit the discord often then why comment faggot?

i don't mind some playful trolling/lighthearted banter but if it gets to the point where obsessive/compulsive then its not fun anymore
Post proof that it is obsessive then. I never see it while I'm on it.
no i don't have to prove shit.
basically there is this guy that's been shitting on peoples work's none stop,berating,lying (compulsively) and being a general nuisance.
the only reason why the admin didn't ban him is because he want it to be a "boutique" style chat where its similar to how 4chan works with the slight edge of shitposting.
i might be a faggot for pointing this out but the people who put up with this are cucks
Ok, so one person proved how bad of an artist you are. And now you pretend like it's a global problem.

I'll admit, it was me. Fuck you and your shitty art dude. We all want you gone, but most of all I want you to fuck off.
no im pretty much a mirror to what you want to be when it comes to modeling. the only reason you pick on me is because i try to be realistic and you completely fail at that so you create this globe of lies around yourself and destroying every good conversation.
reality is rough man, get to work and get used to it.
i was not expecting /3/ to be this limp wristed and cucked
Nudel a faget.
this happens to every online community, regardless of the medium of communication.
An inner circle forms and a bunch of people get to act like assholes because they now have a group validating them up, and it turns into a circlejerk.

This started happening a few months ago, and it's leaking into the board. Random threads are getting flamed and shit on for no reason, even if the OP prefaced with "I'm very new to 3D." or whatever, they don't care.
I don't even read the discord anymore, because it's just /pol/ shitposting and people being assholes under the veil of "irony" all the time now. It's not worth reading.
I could name names, but that would be rude.

As for your strawpoll, none of the options are okay. I don't like huge moderation, but I also don't like people being shitheads.
Let it burn, I guess. Just leave them to their circlejerk.
General should be for off topic and the rest are for on topic stuff and should be lightly moderated.
What's the invite link?
who's the cuck that made this lol?

ima guess it was jet :^)
got u senpai
wouldn't happen if the moderator actually moderated.
shame i knew many good ppl there
Ty bb
>this happens to every online community
not really
go to polycount, most of them are in the mid 30's and speak with sense, no crazy buffoons.
u just been on 4chan too long
You act on /ic/ like that, you get a ban.
"Only constructive criticism will be accepted. Rude or offensive comments will result in a ban" - it´s also a NSFW board, what /3/ should be.
/3/ is in this state because the trolls know that getting under an artist skin is easy - i´ve saw amazing works posted on /3/, and retards shitted on them just to troll.
/3/ only see bans when someone posts a 3d nude, even so weeks later.
pretty much anything of worth is getting shat on, anything ironic or doodle getting praised.
the mentality here is "if more people like my work the better ill be" which is not a healthy perspective
If that's how /ic/ operates, I've got to hand it to them.
They've proved with this that they've got smarter posters than the idiots we've got over here.
the difference unfortunately is certain people here are too stupid to understand that being an asshole does not equal constructive criticism.

For example, sometimes I've seen these people post about how the artist should kill themselves, and they could do it better given a day or whatever.
This isn't even criticism. It's just called being a cunt.
But whenever they're called out on being a cunt, they usually retaliate with,
>buh-... learn how to take criticism, faggot!

As if they genuinely believe "kill yourself I could do it better" is helpful in any way.
Global rule #3 should apply to this kind of stuff anyway. The mod(s?) here just don't enforce it, probably because we don't have the userbase to start banning people.

Idk. I'm pretty done with this board if it continues the way it is. Discussion is being replaced with memes and shitposting.

/3/ shouldn't be "3DCG /b/".
>the difference unfortunately is certain people here are too stupid to understand that being an asshole does not equal constructive criticism.

they know exactly what being an asshole means. they play superiority wars as a gateaway drug from real life. this is why i offered to have a different type of discord so people line the fuck up when i tell them to, unlike this wuss admin that panders to 2% of the loud minority
File: Untitled[1].png (13 KB, 537x438)
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I know for a fact that 4chan has a type of moderation request board were people can ask to add rules or change stuff. If enough people exposed their reasons and asked for the moderation to change /3/ to a NSFW board (and NOT creating a new one, as 4chan is already clogged with boards) and add non-rude rules like /ic/ has, maybe the ambience would be better to the discussion of actual 3D modelling and animation solutions, wich in its present state is not.
there was this big shitfest when nuldel keep calling zbrush shit, and someone objected. Of course nuldel would just write kys and be a really bad troll that would go on for a couple of hours of stupid shit. He'd also think he won by making everyone 'salty', but it was more just people going wtf.

I'm not sure when he's ever actually provided constructive feedback. he just says kys constantly .
is this it?

If the board were to be made NSFW, there'd probably need to be rules like /ic/ has on OC, so it doesn't just turn into a dumping-ground for random 3d porn you find on the internet.
I don't think anyone wants that. Also /aco/ already exists for that purpose anyway.

I'd support adding rules for constructive criticism, and making /3/ NSFW. I'm not really sure why it isn't, it could possibly even bring in more users.
did u forget both the board and discord are moderated?
but moderated as in, ill check every month or so to see if someone posted a nipple type of moderation, this is why im saying we shouldn't let those types of people moderate, let someone else do it
lol you think I'm serious when I say kys?

seriously you guys need to get your heads out of your asses.

I said that as a joke to tim, like jesus next you're going to be saying I put you in a choke hold and wouldn't let you leave until the second try.

Also to set the record straight we are a good community for the most part, its just someone *coff* jet *coff* is being a big ol baby and cant take a little ol shit posting.

I for one have helped more than Ive shit posted but youll just paint me as some big troll cause you're a bunch loser(s) with skinny weiner(s) who have to go to Guro and then make their own thread when things don't go their your way.

absolutely childish.
>you are childish because u won't take any of my childish behavior

wew lad
i wish ur modeling skills were good as ur manipulation skills
oh yea sure my modeling skills are bad right :^)
you cant keep saying that when its clearly not kiddo.

having a jest is not the same as being a big ass cry baby lol.
when u don't treat trolling like its a job ill maybe consider you as not mental
For the record, I am not OP.
Also I wasn't really talking about you.
I know most of what you type is ironic shitposting. It would be astounding for someone to legitimately act as dumb as you pretend to be sometimes.
Doesn't mean I like it, but it's better than the stuff that's popped up recently on the board, where people were being intentionally disgusting to people posting their art, for no reason.
Jokes are jokes, but if you're being an asshole to random people for fun, that just makes you a cunt.

For the most part I don't see that kind of behavior in the discord, but I had a hunch it originated from there. I don't know to what extent you guys take your shitposting.

Unless that's you, who's been posting on this board telling people to give up, two word replies like "it's shit", and hiding behind "but it's criticism!!!"?
File: flat,550x550,075,f.u2.jpg (10 KB, 550x387)
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lol sure kiddo
I actually try to give good crits, most of the time.
but I wont go and say you're shit to an artist who clearly isn't.

Honestly not until recently has things gotten "out of hand", I personally don't get it since not much really increased.

people just like to whine and complain, get jealousy and petty.
shits human yo.
hey man you should face the music and stop bitching.
if you really want someone to blow smoke up ur ass it wouldn't be here.
you know what to do
File: xcv.jpg (10 KB, 550x387)
10 KB
what music?
all i hear is a 4 year old screeching .
Fuck off you idiot, nobody wants you here.
>This started happening a few months ago, and it's leaking into the board
Shows how long you been here...
If anything we almost got rid of most of signposting nowadays, its definitively not as bad as 2 years ago or so
The board activity goes up and down, but it sure as hell was never devoid of shitposting
>I don't even read the discord anymore, because it's just /pol/ shitposting and people being assholes under the veil of "irony" all the time now. It's not worth reading.
The discord barely has any activity let alone any real harsh criticism
Outside of nudel responding kys to every post now and then, i have yet too see anybody be directly insulted there
Better yet, ink quote any of this shithead circlejerk you claim so much off.
Maybe you are the problem, ever thought about that?
Another guy who is fresh to a community making idiotic ignorant claims.
Polycount was know as the most harsh and most gated 3d community around for years, hell its was what it was mostly known for, basically 4chan of 3d boards,
But as the industry matured so did the site.
That and facepunch was made which allowed the complete retards a place to go.
>If that's how /ic/ operates, I've got to hand it to them.
>They've proved with this that they've got smarter posters than the idiots we've got over here.
>the difference unfortunately is certain people here are too stupid to understand that being an asshole does not equal constructive criticism.
The difference is that /ic/ has a number of active posters that bring in other active posters.
Not Sunday posters posting one wip and not staying to hear out any crits, or completely ignoring them.
Main discord problem is the lack of actual models posted, there can be a week with only 1 work posted and most people are lurkers who might as well be bots.

One o the reasons for it is the fact 3d takes much more time than a quick 2d doodle,another is the small number of artist here than overlap in both 2d and 3d that could give good crits about composition design and form and another is how much more there is technical talk than actual posting of wips.

I think /3/ is just too dead to sustain a large discord community without spamming invites to other channels which nobody really does, that and there are active 3d discords already which will sap away posters.
I see no solution.
Who will stick will stick, who wont, wont. We will have to see.
I suggested a change of rules: red board with adult content (ID said content is 3D or equivalent to 3D creation) and ban oon rude/unconstructive comments.
Maybe if more people asked there, we would see an all-time improving in the quality of posts and technique content in the answers, instead of a retard who just enjoys baiting and trolling and obviously has no understanding whatsoever of 3d animation making.
the problem isn't going to solve itself when you ban people.
the problem is that the admins of both /3/ and the discord don't understand what "choice" actually means,this is why this community simply won't grow from the simple reason is that people can just go to another communities.
if you want people to come to your community and share stuff you need to show that you care by 1) remove people that make the community unappealing. 2) etc 3) etc
this is supply and demand, there is no self governance here
What are other good 3d discord servers?
I also suggested that /3/ be made NSFW, but I don't know if they even check that page anymore, because the last answer is from a fucking year ago.
Anons already just crop out lewd bits anyway. The SFW stuff is very loosely enforced here.
Also /ic/ is NSFW, and /3/ is kinda just 3D /ic/.

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