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ive come across a lot of programs that try to take the logic completely out of the user's hands, asking for large sets of images to infer parallel planes and such; can anyone point me to a program where i can render a 3d environment, using an image and guide-lines like "this and this are parallel, these are perfect circles, so it can tell what the viewing angle is and build from there?

some skewed prisms for reference
circles are perfect, and rectangles vary in height.

i'd like to be able to plug in a scale and extend it through the frame.
i will look see thank u for respants
it looks a lot like sketchup which i have been playing with.

theyre similar in that they hav, to someone like me, feature overload. where do i look to mark up pictures?
OP here, ive seen 3ds max has features where you manually affix points for the renderer to look at to help stabilization.

it seems like this is really some dirt-level computer crunching. i just cant seem to google it out myself
OP here, thats 60 minutes, im pretty sure this program, lumion, is only for adding pretty rivers and trees to 3d objects made in places like sketchup.

did i get a trolld? is the answer to every 101 question lumion?\

how do i make a videogames: lumion?
Te he he u got troll'd rekt.
A week or two ago there were some advertisement threads for Lumion and it was really shit looking so apparently some guy keeps recommending Lumion ironically, but he does it to people that don't know any better so he just ends up as an unpaid salesman.
lumion is the only tool where you can render you models quickly and precisely.

want an example? the popular award winning game "second-life" and The Sims 2(TM) are powered by lumion (TM) technology.

just go ahead and grab it!
the discord is ruining this board. Good god i hate all of you.
the discord IS the board.
but now we actually know who is making 90% of ironic shitposts
OP here

no plz giev recommendation tho

maybe something like this.
i do know that blender have an addon to make 3D as well i just forgot how its called
Ok so that YouTube embed link made my computer skitch out so I pulled the Ethernet. Can someone tell me what that embed link did? My start menu is flashing and my videos all unloaded from vlc. If I remember from the old days, I'm NOT supposed to restart my computer until I've found and killed whatever it was that just jumped in. This is an SOS.
I think the magic word you're looking for is photogrammetry. PhotoModeler had these features (at least 10 years ago).
After effects has that. At least with planes. Not sure about circles
I think I also saw someone do something similar with Nuke.
Look into both of those maybe.

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