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Hey, /3/. I was wondering; how do I model a gun like this?

I play Insurgency and I was wondering how to mod into it. So, I thought to add some guns to the insurgents, so I wondered.

Does anyone know?
there's nothing special about modeling guns, it's basically hard surface
if you want good tutorials based around modeling weapons for videogames, look up chamferzone
>how do I model a gun like this?
with NURBS
Nurbs a derbs.

Thanks! I will!
File: p84.png (40 KB, 674x428)
40 KB
Meh.. I made this scrapped gun, instead.
That seems easy.
Thanks anon, I just bought his big tut because I have literally everything he used but need guidance on how to organize everything.
>look up chamferzone

This. As far as hard surface gun modelling techniques go, this guy is really in depth for a beginners tutorial with way better results than most others. Better than anything else I've seen as far as material for beginners and intermediates.

You'll learn more on his AKM tutorial than 30 tutorials from other videos from other sites.

I guess that's the benefit of some industry guy choosing to go out and make his own tutorials to sell on gumroad rather than some random artist contracted by a tutorial factory websites to shit something out.
his grenade tutorial basically made me unsubscribe to digitaltutors.
hahahahaha so true.
got geed
>best gun artist in the world makes the best tutorials

not surprised, but it doesn't mean you can learn hard surface in other ways. once i learned every hard surface function it was just easier to create things
just like make gun

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