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File: Render1.jpg (659 KB, 1920x1080)
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Waddap guys, Im kinda new here. I started studying 3D in October 2016. We use 3DSMax in class, and this is my first project. We were supposed to make an environment, so i decided to make a Dark Souls scenario.
Its only model and Illumination, but i've been working on this a few months already (we've also made some other things to practice modeling, splines, etc.)

What do you think of it? Post your first works (Not your first tries, but your first finished works)
File: Render2.jpg (620 KB, 1920x1080)
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File: Render3.jpg (492 KB, 1920x1080)
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File: Render4.jpg (547 KB, 1920x1080)
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Nice work dude
hello, op.

It sucks ass. I could do this in one day. If you had used maya you would have had arnold built in and it would have looked 10x better
The stone wall is trash, the ground is too flat and lack of details, use a better looking plugin for the cheap grass and put the grass everywhere, not only within the walls, the texture of the moon look like trash and the main sword have a weird looking poly on the middle.

>tldr: quit 3d modelling school and become something else
Spend a lot more time on this, it's pretty much a block out.
These guys are just insulting you because that only way they can get off any more.

It's very good op, how long did it take, do you have experience with 3d softwere?

Right, because max max only has one render plugin and Maya is well known for being superior in modelling to max. How about you post you work and we can judge that?
File: dodgeThis.jpg (106 KB, 809x455)
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106 KB JPG
>It's very good op, how long did it take, do you have experience with 3d softwere?
dark souls stuff is usually pretty worn down and decrepit looking. Your stuff looks too uniform and clean, for example:
each brick is an exact copy, just rotated in different ways. Add some variation.
One is clipping through another brick. Left side, under the second torch from the screen.
The edges of your walls are really sharp and flat, too. It looks borderline sci-fi.
Addmorewear.meme to those.

Also your moon has a butthole. Fix the UV.
Yo, OP here. I'm taking all these comments as advice. I guess i have to say, we started doing out project when we barely could model anything. The walls, as you said, is a Tube with a vorofrag plugin on; it doesnt even have noise yet. We're learning how to customize materials this week, and the next one we'll be learnng texturing and mapping.

The point is, I know it's kinda bullshit, and it has lots of irregularities. I'll be fixing as much as ii can, and will try to change all the things you guys said. Ii appreciate the posts, even if they were meant to be rude
Btw, i had no experience in 3D software until I started this thing. The scene took me a few months, but ii barely worked some saturdays
keep it up anon!
File: 1476815589463.jpg (97 KB, 520x600)
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>i've been working on this a few months already
>Post your first works (Not your first tries, but your first finished works)
>It's very good op, how long did it take, do you have experience with 3d softwere?
Now this is just bait.
If this is what you have so far, I can only fucking imagine what horrible things would happen to Sif if you tried to recreate him as well
OP, keep at it. Most of the people here are just being mean for a laugh.

Don't get me wrong, you have a lot more to learn, but "unfinished" isn't the same as "bad".
This is sincerely not that bad. I think it took me more than a year to get to this level. 15 years later I could make something like this in a couple of hours, but this is absolutely a good start and shows some good instincts.

-Perfectly hard edges are distracting, especially in the rocks and base. Beveling the edges will help, as will adding some uneven detail around the edges
-The fire planes look like plastic sheets. Real fire is essentially additive and neither blocks nor reflects light. The blue torches are closer, but they still look too "solid"
-The grass is too stiff, particularly at the base, and the height is too uniform
-The swords are relatively more detailed than everything else, which is jarring
-I'm not sure if the tree branches are just billboards or something more complicated, but they look all right
-The overall color and lighting is too flat. Among other things, the shadows should be MUCH darker. At night, the sky doesn't add a significant amount of light, so the only light that should really show up is direct light from the moon (and flames) and bounce light.

small thing to add onto the last point, always add a little blue light to nighttime skies

OP, your work isn't bad at all. imho the most important thing is knowing what to make, technical skills aren't as nearly important (compared to an original or interesting idea) when it comes to communicating an idea i.e, all of art ever
File: Texturing2.png (3.76 MB, 1901x1070)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB PNG
OP here again, I've made a few improvements, even though I'm not really fine with it yet.
The thing is i have a problem; I have to deliver it this Thursday and it takes like 30 hours per render, 5 reenders in total. I'm so fucked up, but how would I have known it would take THAT long if it's not a big scenario at all. Without the trees, it makes 8m polygons or something like that. I'm using Irradiance map and Light cache with the parameters my professor told me to use, and it's not faster than before.
Prepass 1 of 4 - 8 hours. I hope the next passes are shorter. Any of you know what i could do?
I think adding a bit of fog and some fireflies would add a lot of atmosphere to this, it would also help cover up a lot of repetitiveness in meshes and textures.
There were fog and fireflies in darkroot forest if I remember correctly.
Yes, i'll add them after rendering, so that I can photoshop them using masks and stuff. They told me to do it this way in class so that render wouldn't take too long. It takes hell of a long way though. I'll render only the fog and stuff afterwards.
File: aaa.jpg (197 KB, 1280x720)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
I like it. It's like a chibi style of the original design. Good practice.
How is that chibi?
I meant comparing op's to the original. His proportions are larger than the original. (In the op: bigger "not-sif's-sword" swords, smaller space compared to the original which has a lot of open space and accurate weapon to scenery scaling)

Not trying to start a fight, because lots of shit on sketchfab, yobi, artstation, etc etc all get tagged "Chibi", but you kind of misused it (both the nipslang version and the western otaku meaning)


Especially since you said the proportions are larger, when chibi is generally squashing the original down to child-sized (or more like dwarfism-like) proportions

I think what you meant to say was perhaps "stylized" or "exaggerated" or something.
I used chibi for lack of a better term honestly. Stylized would be the word I choose to describe ops work.
File: General1 - copia.png (3.84 MB, 1920x1080)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB PNG
OP here, I kind of finished this project and I will soon go for the next one. Lots of improvements could've been made, but I don't feel particulary bad about it since it's my first work. Thanks a lot for your comments and worry not, for I will keep on working and getting better.
Until the next time
looks perf, maybe the brown greatsword handles are a bit thin and the ground a bit 2d, matbe a normal map or rock/some mesh deforaties
>Shitposting on the slowest board

The moon looks a bit too detailed, It's actually distracting from the rest of the environment. I suggest a crescent moon.
File: Fixed moon.png (3.52 MB, 1920x1080)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB PNG
The swords themselves all look too clean.
The scene suggests that they've been here a long time so they shouldn't all brand new.
great trees
great sky, except the part around the bottom of the tombstone
shitty swords, shitty grass, shitty bricks, the fire is also shitty
honestly that's not the problem, the problem is the metal is weirdly grey-white and not at all that reflective.

Dunno what he's rendering in, but the reflections/fresnel settings are fucked.

Yeah the sword metal looks super weird. The sword geometry looks fine though. The grass is and dirt material are cheap looking.
>shadow of the moon is darker than the dawning sky
at least you tried

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