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File: Render1.jpg (659 KB, 1920x1080)
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Waddap guys, Im kinda new here. I started studying 3D in October 2016. We use 3DSMax in class, and this is my first project. We were supposed to make an environment, so i decided to make a Dark Souls scenario.
Its only model and Illumination, but i've been working on this a few months already (we've also made some other things to practice modeling, splines, etc.)

What do you think of it? Post your first works (Not your first tries, but your first finished works)
File: Render2.jpg (620 KB, 1920x1080)
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File: Render3.jpg (492 KB, 1920x1080)
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File: Render4.jpg (547 KB, 1920x1080)
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Nice work dude
hello, op.

It sucks ass. I could do this in one day. If you had used maya you would have had arnold built in and it would have looked 10x better
The stone wall is trash, the ground is too flat and lack of details, use a better looking plugin for the cheap grass and put the grass everywhere, not only within the walls, the texture of the moon look like trash and the main sword have a weird looking poly on the middle.

>tldr: quit 3d modelling school and become something else
Spend a lot more time on this, it's pretty much a block out.
These guys are just insulting you because that only way they can get off any more.

It's very good op, how long did it take, do you have experience with 3d softwere?

Right, because max max only has one render plugin and Maya is well known for being superior in modelling to max. How about you post you work and we can judge that?
File: dodgeThis.jpg (106 KB, 809x455)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>It's very good op, how long did it take, do you have experience with 3d softwere?
dark souls stuff is usually pretty worn down and decrepit looking. Your stuff looks too uniform and clean, for example:
each brick is an exact copy, just rotated in different ways. Add some variation.
One is clipping through another brick. Left side, under the second torch from the screen.
The edges of your walls are really sharp and flat, too. It looks borderline sci-fi.
Addmorewear.meme to those.

Also your moon has a butthole. Fix the UV.
Yo, OP here. I'm taking all these comments as advice. I guess i have to say, we started doing out project when we barely could model anything. The walls, as you said, is a Tube with a vorofrag plugin on; it doesnt even have noise yet. We're learning how to customize materials this week, and the next one we'll be learnng texturing and mapping.

The point is, I know it's kinda bullshit, and it has lots of irregularities. I'll be fixing as much as ii can, and will try to change all the things you guys said. Ii appreciate the posts, even if they were meant to be rude
Btw, i had no experience in 3D software until I started this thing. The scene took me a few months, but ii barely worked some saturdays
keep it up anon!
File: 1476815589463.jpg (97 KB, 520x600)
97 KB
>i've been working on this a few months already
>Post your first works (Not your first tries, but your first finished works)
>It's very good op, how long did it take, do you have experience with 3d softwere?
Now this is just bait.

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