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How do I set up an orthographic renderer in Blender , for a game ?
select the camera, go to its settings, set it to ortho
but the rotation ?
rotate the camera like you'd rotate any other object
I think you can't do the kind of projection in your picture in Blender. (green-blue 90°, red 45°) You can't do that with camera rotation alone, it's more abstract then that.
rotation has nothing to do with the projection, newfag
Also, check out the Create IsoCam addon, if you don't exactly need how it is on your example.

If you do need that, then it seems to be like Cavalier projection, or another kind of oblique projection, like Cabinet. Not sure if any 3D program supports that.
That's what I'm saying.
Nevermind, can't.

So I educated myself on this so I can stop being a dumbass, apparently this is called cabinet or cavalier or oblique projection. You can't do this from the camera so that it automatically shears the 3d world, but what you can do is shear the model and use an orthographic view.

For this I would use the Lattice modifier. Add a Lattice object, go into edit mode, and move the back 4 vertices to the side. Now select an object to be sheared, add a Lattice modifier, and select the lattice you made. It should immediately distort outside of Edit Mode. Now, select all the other objects, and then select the object with the Lattice modifier last (Select All and then deselect and reselect it may work well enough depending on your scene) and hit Ctrl+L and click Modifiers. Now everything is sheared.

From there you just rotate the Orthographic camera to tilt it downward.
Also the lattice may not work right if it's not larger than the object it's distorting.

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