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Update on my GPL engine.

Multiple object animation / skinning with Assimp is finally here (although not profiled and optimized). Why should you care about this? Well, I show an easy way to go about adding this to any graphics programmer. I wanted to get it out soon, so it still has some bugs like errors in the shadow map for the "elongated cube" and an issue of "tightening" around the joints. Bloom and SSR has also been disabled for now as I work on implementing better options.

Please check it out now at


File: ssr fixed.png (333 KB, 917x649)
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SSR is now up and running. On to improving the UI and animation blending.
I might be a bad meme but the extra bounding box might be from a parenting that you've done when you created the geometry in another program
File: aabb.png (142 KB, 349x249)
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142 KB PNG
are you talking about this larger bounding box? That's the desired AABB. I'm trying to get it to move and scale appropriately when the bones move.
File: 1475657020364.jpg (45 KB, 720x587)
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Keep working on it. I want to build something similar.
can you code, anon? Have you looked at the code on github?
Hi, I'm interested in what do you intend to do with this? Is it going to be for real time rendering for games like brigade or visualization like keyshot?
Real time engine that's easy for anyone to understand. I've been working hard on the character controller and almost have a 3rd person animated char moving with an Xbox controller like Dante from dmc. I hope to make some tutorials for the engine soon and grow my YouTube channel subscriber amt

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