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Hello /3/ I'm looking forward for someone who will be able to help me in a project.
I want to ask someone if they can help me with a model of Moonman for a disguise or how weebs call it cosplay.

I tried to do the stuff by myself on knowing how the fuck does Blender, Zbrush and Maya works but I'm so autistic at learning this things so I need some help on either some tutorials or if someone can do the 3D model.
how does a 3d model helps in making cosplay?
>Going to Pepakura
>Do the head in paper
>Put resin, glass fiber
>Add "clay"paste to it
>Sand it
(this technique is used mostly on the armors on closplayers on glass fiber instead of just the molds)
File: 654654.png (127 KB, 978x794)
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127 KB PNG
you can have this vaguely shaped moonman, however if you want real glasses you will need to make actual glasses, if you don't care going blind then use this

this is a blender file, its for you to modify and if you want it print ready just export to .stl file
Holy shit, thank you anon! this will help a lot

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