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File: titanfall.png (828 KB, 1917x1017)
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828 KB PNG
Im working in a class exercice, i can use any asset to make a scene in unity and program a first person controller. I have everything i need except a cockpit. Does anyon know a free cockpit asset that i could use?
>tor frick
Do you think you can model humans and animals in a fantasy type artstyle for a moba?
File: mech.png (1.62 MB, 1619x911)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Looking good so far, i have camera bounce for the mech steps and the cockpit is made with half life 2 monitors, some screen shake will be needed.
Now i need:
Proper animated texture for the cockpit glass
Proper muzle flares, somting like this https://youtu.be/u8GK2oGerrM
maybe some lens flares or reflections (candela maybe?)
Next i will set up the mech and pilot arms and the definitive gun with recoil
looks good, what was the texturing process?
This exercise is about making the scene with existing assets so im not modeling almost anything, just rigging and animating but keeping the focus on the scene.

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