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I've done a bunch of "Basic level" tutorials for the modeling toolkit in Maya, including the official ones provided by Autodesk, and I'm not sure where to go now. It's painfully obvious from how difficult it is to work with that I still haven't learned much of the modeling kit, since it feels like all I've learned to use is the most basic box modeling stuff + gimmick features like Lathe that only serve one purpose. I've previously used 3DS and feel like I'm still behind in Maya compared to where I was with that, which wasn't expert level by any measure but at least wasn't such a frustrating process. Are there any decent intermediate follow-up resources I should be using?
Lathe is great though, for example in archviz you can use it to build all sorts of profiles from pipes, to handles and doorknobs, to candleholders, vases or sink faucets.

There are pretty much two directions you can go. You can try to look up paid tutorials centered specifically around modeling in maya, which are bound to be better and more exhaustive than the basic tutorials provided by the software developer (which as a rule are almost always crap). You could also try looking for youtube if you don't have money and can't/don't want to pirate, though I can't guarantee the quality or coverage will be as good.

The other thing you could do is follow a project-based tutorial that's related to the field you're interested in, and is done with Maya. That would teach you the specific Maya tricks you need to get your shit done.

And if you're a regular 3ds max user you should also google "3ds max (feature) equivalent maya" for any tools you rely on, most of them should have a maya equivalent.
If you want to improve Maya modeling experience probably you will want to use plugins. KTools, CreasePlus, froTools and so on
Do a specific project. Nothing teaches a program like having to solve actual problems.

Tutorials help, but it's way different when you need to solve the problems on your own.
If you're not up to snuff so you're comfortable or at least tolerant of the modeling and UV unwrap toolkits in Maya then you should watch "paid" tutorial for Maya (pirate if need be). Once you've done a few of those you move to actual projects and learn from thereafter. Intermediate-advanced tutorials on Maya and the renderers included could sufficiently help you before going into a project to suffer along the way. It sounds to me as if you haven't spent an awful lot of time devoted to learning the toolkit, if you still have to ask these questions OP.

cgpeers reference if you need it.
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