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hey /3/, I'm in a bit of a situation.

I need a workstation for 3D modeling and PBR / GPU rendering. Right now mostly using Twinmotion but eventually might get into UE4 and try some passive rendering with Octane or something. Now normally I would do a few weeks of research and build it myself, but I need it pretty fast (on friday) because it's for a new employee.

So what I'm asking is, what brand does the best bang for your buck, off the shelf workstations? What would you buy in my situation with a budget of about 2k €? Bonus points if it's upgradable.

Also modeling is done in Rhino & Grasshopper right now, but I guess hardware won't be the limiting factor for those two shits.
If you budget is 2000 EUROS, (rougly $7000 on my currency), you won´t afford a big rig, but that´s based on my previous assembly locally, where i´m limited to overpriced crap thanks to muh country.
Octane demands the most expensive graphic cards for GPU rendering, as does UE4. INTEL will always be the most reliable choice, on an ASUS motherboard. My corsair hydro cooler and power supply units have been holding well against the heat here.
That said, who will tell you what you´re going to assemble is not us, but you local hardware supplier. Check what´s available and for what price. Modeling is always RAM-hungry with Zbrush, but since you said you won´t be using those, my recommendation would be getting an intel i7 on an ASUS motherboard with 16 Giga ram - the ideal for 3d is to have as much ram possible, but octane is GPU hungry so you´ll need at least two 4giga ram geforces for it.
thanks for your input

yea I'm looking for at least gtx 1060 or 70s, fortunately they're not that expensive here. Gonna need more RAM tho, we do very large projects and Rhino has come close to using 15GB, so I want some buffer there.

From researching a bit it seems I should just buy some gaming rig. Will probably be a tad more expensive but at least it will get here in time.
final tip, and that´s a given but whathever: BUY THE PARTS AND ASSEMBLE THE PC YOURSELF. I usually go to the store and put it plain in the table: give me a discount and i buy everything here. I don´t know how you´re planning on doing it, but if there´s a tech smartass involved, you might get screwed.
Personal experience, and why i learned to assemble PCs 20 years ago.
I built my PC myself too. I'm just absolutely swamped with uni and work so in this case I would begrudgingly pay for having it assembled, or even buying an off the shelf rig.
They're just so fucking expensive compared to doing it myself..
I'd also recommend asking over at /g/pcbg/ , and other forums wouldn't hurt, OP
Otherwise, people will generally recommend building it, and I would too, but if you're on that tight of a time frame, well I have no clue with the Euro zone.
Here's a build I quickly made for you, just if you need it.
The list is for Germany, but I'm guessing prices should be the same around.
Pretty good, thanks a lot. I guess I can build it on friday morning or on the weekend.

Really should have started looking earlier
Another quick build for around that price. It's what I built with and it's working well for me.

In CAD, but I assume it would still fall around your price point.

This thread helped me when choosing parts.


Thanks, I'll have a look!
Kinda want to build myself a new rig now and just give my laptoo to the employee..
Wow that's best looking build I've seen on 4chan

Guess /g/ really is full of /v/tards
Don't ever

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