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how am did do ? r on right track?
blender + unreal
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Too shiny. Tone down the materials or the lighting, it looks like nothing is casting a shadow.
looks like my monitor is broken, i cannot see the image, sorry
I like it, I feel like >>550471 is an artistic decision. It might look interesting with more shadows but there's nothing wrong with the materials, considering these tubes are chrome and the rest isn't getting blasted all that bad.

It does look like it's getting blasted by an unnatural amount of artificial light, though.

Also, would love to see some detail shots of your geo and textures.
It looks like the pipes that go upward on the walls serve no purpose. It's just a tunnel to send things down. Unless there's going to be a valve or something there's no reason to go down.

There's wooden planks on the floor, but the walls are incredibly shiny. If they can afford that upkeep, why not real floors? Either higher quality flooring or lower quality pipes. Usually pipes will have some sort of anti-corrosion coating which will make it look duller. Also it needs some way for people to know what pipe is what, perhaps color coded paint stripes here and there or panels.

The floor has dirt or rust, but the walls and pipes look very clean in comparison. Maybe I just can't see it through your fungus-infested chinese toy lens.

Tone your lens effects down 90%. It's ugly and obnoxious and while it will hide tiny flaws, it still doesn't look realistic and is instead fake bokeh 20lbs of Instagram tier. Your shit looks like a deepfried meme.
all that BLOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1.06 MB WEBM
This comment is more gold than OP's render, thanks
From the reflections, I think it's possible that the other side of the tunnel (behind the camera) is just going out into a white void, so the PBR reflection probe (if there is one) is blowing out all the materials from that side and making them excessively bright, wrecking the contrast in the lighting.

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