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File: 1481522986344.jpg (5 KB, 251x44)
5 KB
>wasted month make model
>Rig it
>shoulders and hips look fucking garbage
Fuck off dumb nazi frogposter
File: alexjones.png (392 KB, 581x600)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Thanks for inspiring me to do this in my coffee break

You should probably get faster then. If you're fast, mistakes don't hurt that much.
You gotta suck in order to get better. Happens to everyone
>retopology of entire gun
>it won't bake properly because i moved a piece slightly off location because snapping was on
if the mesh is so smooth/irregular that you can't put it back in place using a couple vertex snaps, then it shouldn't matter if you eyeball the position, as long as you bake with a cage
no, they just hurt faster
>as long as you bake with a cage

Well hello 1998
not a problem right anymore, i managed to find another solution.

but i found out that if you keep ur highpoly in separate parts it will bake better
File: 1482898368082.png (973 KB, 1737x1737)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
Isn't a cage fairly typical when baking normal maps?
File: Map2.png (72 KB, 398x358)
72 KB
Nah, a cage is typical for baking Dora's map. Can't let it escape the oven, yknow?

Go for 1/4in steel bars with gaps of less than 3/4in. That mofo is able to curl up pretty tight to get through holes. Bonus points if you put layer of microwave-window mesh along the inside.
Do all of your characters look asian?
you don't have to bake with a cage tho. you just need to know the right settings when baking.

you use a cage/explode when ur model uses lots of small parts
That is some retarded logic
File: 1487029415458.gif (858 KB, 200x267)
858 KB
858 KB GIF
GOOD you fucking fuck, now TRY AGAIN. NO artist ever drew the perfect picture on their first try. They have hundreds of shity pics. Now, Go and get all those fuck-ups out of your system.

Shoulders and hips are always the hardest part to rig because they're interacting at a Y intersection as opposed to things like torso, elbow and knee joints.
the only way to get rid of the bad ideas is to make them and learn from them.

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