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Hey /3/ dogs. I'm usually a /b/ro, but I come to you with some questions pertaining to your realm of expertise. You see, I am trying to break into modelling and want to model animals and any living things for that matter. My question to you is do you gentlemen (and ladies?) venture to a select few databases for your references? I've tried my luck at pinterest only to yield a minor handful of content that can actually be used. I am looking, in particular, for orthographic cross sections of various critters and the like. It would make my day if there was some website which served such content in a manner that you type, "shark," in the entry slot and out pops zoological data representing the shark from all angles. Plz help me out, /3/, I'm counting on you. I'll post what I find over the life span of this thread.
animals usually don't have blueprints. you should be able to model them from perspective
Can't help you with such website but look up 'on growth and form' by wentworth thompson. He analysed animals mathematically and made very good illustrations about their proportions
You tried Google Images? Just google shark cross section or something like that.
google images,
try "zoological sketches [PutHereorleaveblank] -pinterest"
I can't model from perspective. I have no confidence... :(


Thanks guys. I'll keep searching. If I strike gold, I'll post it here. :D

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