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alright faggots,

fact is, i need a new rig to render my shit 3d artwork on. :) current workstation is very aged, beyond the point of upgrading, needs a complete rebuild. i already work a normie 9-5, but most of that $ goes to mortgage, bills, new baby, etc. makes it kind of hard to put aside any spare $$ for a new rig. anyone on /3/ know a good way to earn some passive or mostly-passive spare $ to build a new workstation? i would just work nights or get a second job, but newborn makes that impossible right now. legit answers appreciated, but this is /4chan/ so i'll take the kekshame that will inevitably follow.
model shit n sell on sqid

Its not easy as that. You've got to know what to sell, and how to sell it.
>not easy
Well then send your wife for walkin on the streets or sell the baby. Easy cash!
you should have gotten a pet instead
that rig is not fucked up you got a mechanical keyboard and very responsive monitors, for gaming this would be pretty good but I can tell you the best pc are the 150$ ones , just search on youtube : 150$ console killer or something like that. I would then go to new monitors and mice. Maybe start a kickstarter all those fags will give you money noone would irl

Do shit on fiverr.

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